You’ll Be There In The Garden

You’ve left your body behind.
You’re gone now.
We cry not.
You’re everywhere,
from the songs we sing,
to the smiles we wear.
You’ll be there
in our actions
as we care so, so much
about nature
and about animals
and about people
and such.
We’ll be seeing you
when we look at humanity
and in every star
in the midnight sky
and in all the bees
and in the butterflies,
and you’ll be there
as the birds fly by
and as children question,
why, why, why…
You’ll be there
in the beauty
and in the fragrance
of the flowers
and in the roots
and in the branches
and the leaves on every tree
and in every deer
and chicken
that’s running by
and every breaching whale
and swimming turtle
and monk seal basking
by the sea.
You’ll be there
in tomorrow’s sunrise
and as the sun goes down
you’ll be there in the garden
as springtime’s green
fades to autumn’s brown
then back to green
then brown again
then green once more
and so on
and so on
and so on
and so forth.
You’ll be there
with every open door
and every slice pie we eat
and every mug of tea we pour.
You’ll be there
with every breath we take,
as we’re shouting,
You’ll be there,
correcting me for writing theyre
and youre,
demanding an apostrophe.
You’ll be there
with us at Queens next week
as we’re holding
‘to be free’.*
We’ll smile at you
each time there’s too much
delicious food on a plate.
We’ll fight ignorance with you
and wherever we see hate.
You will never cease
to help all those you knew
dream of a better world
and create…
and create…
and create…

You’ll be there,
as the ocean’s feeling
each and every loving pull.

Of course you changed
your energy today,
it’s just like you
to go out
when the moon is full.


Jayson Mizula


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