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Yacht to Continue Molokai Visits, For Now

American Safari Cruises (ASC) is resuming scheduled two-day stops to Molokai later this month after company officials, local protesters and state and federal authorities reached an agreement. The 36-passenger yacht temporarily ceased docking on Molokai in early December after residents raised concerns about local protocol not being followed in allowing the boat to add Molokai to its Hawaii itinerary.

“We are grateful to the wonderful people of Molokai for their true aloha spirit. We hold tremendous respect for their unwavering desire to preserve their traditional lifestyle for future generations,” said Dan Blanchard, ASC CEO.

Local activist Walter Ritte, who led protests against ASC docking, said the agreement was reached because by the next scheduled visit this month, the community will have had time to discuss the yacht’s stop. By Jan. 17, a series of island-wide public meetings will have been held by the `Aha Ki`ole, a resource management group that has acted as a neutral advisory body on the island.

“It was fear that first started the problem,” said Kamalu Poepoe, a Molokai `Aha Ki`ole leader at the Kawela moku meeting, held last Wednesday. She said business people were afraid to bring the proposal to the community for discussion, and it was fear of losing control over local resources that raised concern in the community.

After working with state and federal authorities and local groups, an amicable agreement has been reached to allow the yacht unimpeded visits to the island on its seven-day adventure cruises,” according to a December ASC statement. The yacht will return to its regularly scheduled two-day visits Jan. 21-22, 2012.

“There is room for businesses, but we have a responsibility and commitment to each other… that we are going to do this wisely,” Poepoe said.

“We asked [ASC] to hold off until we could talk it out in the community,” said local activist Walter Ritte, who led protests against the yacht’s stop. “That was always been our position.”

He said he and other residents were “forced to protest because [ASC] wouldn’t stop coming.”

Ritte said the public mana`o gathered at the meetings still has to be compiled and discussed before an ultimate resolution can be reached, which may take up to two additional months. In the meantime, the yacht can continue to make Molokai stops, he said.

“It’s up in the air whether [ASC will be allowed to] continue but it’s almost guaranteed that some conditions will be placed on it,” Ritte added.

Residents who attended last week’s moku meeting were invited to write suggestions on post-it notes within general categories such as land use, ocean, tourism and cruise ships. Their mana`o will be compiled and added to Maui County’s Molokai Community Plan, which is in the process of being updated.

Moku leaders within the `Aha Ki`ole are holding two additional meetings in the coming weeks: Pala`au moku on Wednesday, Jan 11 at the Lanikeha Center and Kaluako`i moku on Tuesday, Jan. 17 at the Maunaloa Center.


19 Responses to “Yacht to Continue Molokai Visits, For Now”

  1. Kuki says:

    Right on, good questions!

  2. Molokaiwahine says:

    Which business where afraid to bring this proposal to the community, please name them? Why do they have too? Are you government agency?
    There are 8000 or so residents, did we have a island wide election that your group would represent the island?
    Do we NOT have Federal, State and County government agencies and government officials to address these issues with permits and laws of this democracy that we all live in the United States?
    Who voted in the leader of your group and your Mokus?
    Is this group legal entity? Non profit? By-laws? membership list at the meeting?
    More and more people LOCALS are moving away from here because they can not find jobs?
    So whose buying the houses NOT LOCALS they can not afford it?
    What gives your group authority to tell businesses in this community what they can and cannot do?
    Just the protesting your group did with the ship gave your group NO creditability….
    Kanoho Helm said it all “We are Peace Makers”

  3. kalaniua ritte says:

    peace makers compromise so both sides are happy.isnt that what the aha kiole did?molokai makes $$ ,now that the boat will be back,and residents who care about molokai will make rules to control an uncontrollalble industry.thats peacemaking.i aloha molokai stance on wind farms is no.no compromiseing there.so how is that making peace?so if the the wind farms are forced on molokai dispite the communitys opposition how many of you bashing on us protesters will become…heaven forbid… protesters your self?or will you sit back and follow the law and let them put wind mills here and drop the land value of all lots and houses on the west end?i think in the end we are all warriors for molokai.+-

  4. livaloha says:

    All hail King Walter I. Mahalo for your gracious permission to allow ASC to visit Your Kingdom of Molokai for now. All bow down to His Almighty wisdom.

  5. kalaniua ritte says:

    eh what about hailing us …wasnt just Walter who said they could come back.
    not fair he getting all the credit.

  6. kalaniua ritte says:

    i speak for my self not any group.
    no i dont care about west end land prices..i was being sarcastic in my last comments
    some times the law is not just so we have to do what is just.if you want proof of just how unjust most american law is just look at hawaiis past.
    and yes sometimes breaking the law is ok.
    first wind did a great job of leting the community know the had plans to come to molokai waaaay before they actually would come here.if they showed up at the wharf with all there equipment with out letting the majority of the community know like safari did….well i dont think IAM would be this professional.
    and what racism and hate are you talking about?all the people coming off the boat that i saw where white or haole….so what was i supposed to say “japanese go home”.i call it like i see it
    i operate under the authority of my self.
    think about it.PEACE+++

  7. missin molokai says:

    Perhaps you should re-read your post. You WERE attacking someone’s ancestry. You even listed names. And why don’t you hunt, fish or grow at least some of your food? The store in town sells eggplant for about $1.50 each, a pack of 100 seeds costs $2. You can grow them in a pot, you don’t even need a yard. That’s just an example. If everyone cut food costs by gathering/growing, they’d save literally thousands of dollars a year. As for the job situation, there’s lots of jobs, one just needs an education. There are plenty of people out there educating our youth and they are going to be ok. It’s all about education, drug prevention and finding the right jobs, not letting in anybody who promises big dollars. No selling out, money is nothing. I’d rather see my people poor in the pocketbook but rich in aloha and culture with their hands in the soil. I’d just die if my keiki thought working for big business, wearing a suit and driving a fancy car meant success. Native people always worked the land, and survived for thousands of years doing so. Money was introduced recently in the grand scheme of things, and has since caused much destruction, hurt and pain. That’s my opinion and I don’t expect you to agree, it’s ok, but you shouldn’t expect others to agree with yours either.

  8. Molokaiwahine says:

    Buy my vegetable from a local farmer to support their families
    My life is very simple and I am far from making any extra money.
    No one is selling out to money.
    Yes drug prevention is right on.
    There is a lot of empty land in Hoolehua not being used and I hope more will farm.
    You have such compassion then come home to help.
    No one is making big bucks on Molokai that I know we are all just scraping by and that is ok

  9. Molokaiwahine says:

    I know what it is like when I was school all the haoles where in one class and all the Japaneses were in another and the rest of Hawaiians and locals where in another class. We were always considered the bad kids who could not learn. I know what it is like I felt it every day when I went to school. But, there No excuse for racist and hate behavior and you can NOT change history or blame just a certain group of people.I do not want this island to over developed like the other islands. It how the message is delivered and in these bad economic times we need jobs. My question what do you have in job creation on this island so locals do not have to leave? Not all of us hunt, fish and have gardens in our back yards???? Unemployment is 15% and when it runs out then what? Jobs are limited on this island.No one is attacking anyone’s ancestry we are all MIX bag that is my POINT. This is the 21 century.All over the world people have been colonized we are not the first or the last, And there are good and bad in all humans, just not one race is bad.I experienced a lot of racism and prejudices in Hawaii from all different nationality people who live here. Even my own people. If I not mistaken why do you not move back to Molokai?

  10. missin molokai says:

    If you’re lucky enough to have even a bit of Hawaiian blood, then that’s what you hold on to. If Hawaiians knew then that things would end up like this, perhaps the outcome would be much different. Plus, not all people who aren’t Hawaiian are disrespectful of culture. Don’t go attacking someone’s ancestors. You don’t know them, you weren’t there. Maybe they were shame to be associated with western ways and mentality. Mine were.

  11. Molokaiwahine says:

    Is it true your ancestor was Irish man named Purdy who was from Ireland who married a Hawaiian woman from Big Island,not Molokai? Is true your Grandfather was German from Kansas City The USA? Is it true your mother’s family has Portuguse (Reis) from Kauai?
    If this is so then you are a mixed bag like the rest of us. You have “HAOLE” Blood too.
    You can not live in past of what happen. King Kamehameha welcomed the missionaries and had Davis and Young train his men to use guns and cannons to conquer the other islands and then rewarded them with land and Hawaiian women.I am praying for you that you will change your heart.In Hawaiian history many of the Royal families were married to white women and men.
    We can not deny our geanealogy of our ancestors, it is who we are.
    Peace to you young man and your family
    God Bless you and your family…….

  12. Molokaiwahine says:

    We are not talking about the windmills?

    And the wind mill group is being VERY professional in how they are communicating to the public?

    They are NOT using Racism and Hate, BIG Difference and more?

    When did your group care about the Westend and their land values?

    Your group was against Laau and Molokai Ranch shut down?

    I ask you whose authority of laws make your group legal?

    Are you saying breaking the law is ok?
    Think about it?

  13. Ka Lani Ali'i says:

    Hoolehua is not just empty land alot of people who have been awarded these lands are to old or have medical problems due to things like the vietnam war. Molokai is in a time of changing hands from the older generation who are passing away to the younger generation. There has been alot going on in Hoolehua as far as clearing lots building houses and farming more and more are going back to the land, after it has been turned over to the younger generation. In many cases the older folks can no longer work the land like they used too but are afraid they may get kicked out of there own homestead if they turn over tittle too soon. So you gotta wait till they pass.

  14. Ka Lani Ali'i says:

    What is all this talk of no more Job get plenty Job on Molokai. Come my house pull weeds and rake there is always job. Got fishpond walls to build mangrove to clear, evasive species to eradiccate,protesting,helping others build houses etc… Even now being unemployed I work everyday regaurdless of getting paid or not some jobs pay some don’t most of them don’t but I’d rather be doing something productive then nothing at all. The best thing is the jobs that don’t pay benifit me 100 percent like planting a garden. It doesn’t take a genius to grow something its a natural instinct of human survival given by GOD. Start by taking care of your immediate area in your designated aina and work the land freely if not come my house I get plenty job no pay you said job right. Best thing is I have a goal In the end it will be worth it.Its a means to an end. You said farming right I’m restarting my farm you bored come work for me for free what you put in you get back. Lets fill in a Hoolehua empty lot and put words into actions. Offer is on the table I already did the hard part clearing the land…IMUA

  15. missin molokai says:

    Totally agree.

  16. kalaniua ritte says:

    after this weekend i realized that the cruise ship issue is small kind.the bigger more important issue is monsanto and mycogen.there have been strong kona winds for the past 3-4 days causing huge dust cloulds to blow through hoolehua and kualapuu from the gmo fields.dust that is saturated with pesticides,fertilizers,and round up.since the wind and dust started my house hold and other households around mine have sufferd sore thoats stuffy noses and headaches.i was wondering if anyone else in hoolehua or kualapuu have had these same symptoms.creating jobs is ok,but not if these jobs affect the community in a unhealty way.these 2 companies have a history of poisioning places and people where ever they go.these companies are so dirty and corrupt that they have laws protecting them so they can basically do what ever they want.i think as a community we have to stop these companies from continuing to turn hoolehua into a toxic dust bowl.we should hold the molokai bosses
    [RAY FOSTER,ADOLPH HELM,DAVE GILLILAN}responsible since they are the bosses.something has to be done so the innocent people and CHILDREN dont have to go through an other POISON DUST STORM!!!!

  17. paul m.brown says:

    If the people who want to visit but cannot come your way or the ship way,how about if they parachute in?

  18. HaoaSchwenk says:

    Lets all bow down to the people of the East end and the Halawa Valley. Close the airport. The Kingdom of Molokai. Long live the king. Without a generous State of Hawaii, most, I’m sure, would have to grow something other than Pakalolo to survive. King Purdy…A good Hawaiian name, and his many wifes. Just how large is that family??…His own tribe.
    Whats the unemployment rate on Molokai?? Just where do the students that graduate from high school go to get a job??…Molokai…NO..Does Maui,sound about right. Close the Friendly Market for selling all that haole food, and close the US Post Office,for bring in all that haole mail. By ALL means,stop that BIG cruise ship.

  19. Molokaifriend says:

    The whole controversy is embarrassing. Molokai is a welfare state that wants to be a kingdom. It gets more desperate by the month. The people of Molokai who want some semblance of a prosperous, peaceful life need to stand io to Walter and chart a new future.

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