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Yacht Blocked by Protestors

A group of protestors on small boats and surfboards physically blocked an American Safari Cruises’ (ASC) yacht, the Safari Explorer, from docking at Kaunakakai Wharf last Saturday morning.

to stop his cruises and sit down and talk to us,” said Ritte. “That was the deal from day one. We’re not going to give in.”

A community meeting set up by ASC will be held Wednesday, Nov. 30 at 6 p.m. at Mitchell Pauole Center.


178 Responses to “Yacht Blocked by Protestors”

  1. awayfornow says:

    Young hawaiian here, just wanted to put some of my thoughts into this mess on this web page. I was born and raised on Molokai, specifically the homestead. I am currently away from home pursuing my education and hope one day to move back to Molokai and, funny enough, be a farmer. I look at our predicament in a plain and simple way. If the Molokai people have a problem with this company bringing visitors to our island, then what is the right thing to do? We must allow the people of this island to be heard, plain and simple. Do not bypass the people who are from this island. Every single person on Molokai must be heard. Everyone needs to sit back and take a cool and calm approach to this. And in the mean time, the ship must respect the process/ protocol, and must stay off the island till this is resolved.

    Regarding the company wanting to teach the visitors about our island and our culture (while taking them to certain businesses). I say that that is always a good thing to encourage economic stimulation on our island. But these pursuits doesn’t always have to be in a “economic approach”. Economic incentives will present themselves whether we like it or not. So why not approach the visit with more of a teaching aspect? Well we can’t. Why? because the people behind this is primarily focused on one thing (making money). Why not escort the visitors through the “rougher” parts of Molokai, educate them on the sacrifices we all make to keep our island the way it is (like economic losses, job losses). Then maybe they will appreciate our island like we do.

    So after I have written this, there is one message that sticks in my mind and that message is that “for every thing that we want there is something that we must sacrifice”. It may not be obvious now what impact this “small” cruise ship will have on Molokai. But everyone knows what happens when a snowball rolls down hill, it gathers power and speed till it crashes. Keep that in mind. This is just my perspective. In the end we are all people of Molokai. So stand together and work together. Make a vote.

  2. Molokai PuleO'O says:

    WELL SAID!!!

  3. West Ender says:

    That boat has as much right to be there as Walter. That boat did things the right way at no cost to Molokai culture. Walter and his gang of thugs will lose the war operating in this manner… Cutting down treed (assumption)…. Blocking people with surfboards… People here have LOST their livliehood because of what a bunch of thugs did to the Lodge. Don’t cost more people their jobs. Gonna laugh my rear off when Walter and his thugs get thrown into a haole jail for doing something stupid.

    One other thing… It is people like Walter who forced the Ranch to shut down… And now we are likely to have a bunch of windmills on this island in addition to higher unemployment. THANKS WALTER!

  4. Molokaiwahine says:

    1. Protocol and Process with Kupuna approval was done
    2.Lots of land available for farming on Hawaiian homestead not being used
    3.Lots of unemployment 17%
    4.Lots of Drugs
    5.Lots of domestic violence has gone up

    These are the issues that need to be addressed.
    Thank you for your manao

  5. Molokai PuleO'O says:

    No one is going to jail, the tree fell down all by it’s self… Don’t make assumtions thats not right…STOP bashing on Mr. Ritte, he is doing a good thing… You are a FOOL!!!

    You and your INVASIVE SPECIES should go to jail for illegally occupying HAWAIIAN lands…


  6. Finding the Balance says:

    Please can you keep your comments about invasive species to yourself….Mentioned by others many Hawaiians are of mixed blood.

    There are witnesses on the tree being cut and there are photographs being circulated online of the chain saw cut tree and police reports being filed.

    Occupation is a world wide occurrence, but as then centuries have gone by no matter where anyone is from, lands have changed hands..

    We are in the now, the present and whether we like it or not, we need to adjust to the times and perhaps now more than ever Molokai can come together and finalize the community tourism plan as a whole community..

    Molokai still has a chance to unite together and come up with a solution once and for all by keeping a balance and be a role model for others to follow. This is not the time to bash your fellow neighbors and loved ones. Too many family members and loved ones in this community are scared to speak up only to be insulted by the vocal minority.

    Please put differences aside and look at the whole picture and this goes to all of those involved whether it is a business or someone that lives in this community. We have our children to think about and as one wise Hawaiian woman said…..this is about our keiki, the future of Molokai…

  7. Molokai PuleO'O says:

    You tell me to keep my comments to myself, why don’t you tell your “people” to do the same, the speak of us as Minions, Peons and Thugs, I don’t appreciate that.. Maybe you should find a new name “Finding the Balance” You down press on me and find it okay for others to criticize us? you are CRAZY!!!They are INVASIVE SPECIES, and you are Prob one too!!! Spreading the disease HERE!!!

    Take all the pictures you want of the tree, SO WHAT!!! no one cut it down… Stop assuming things..

    AND yes I AM thinking about my children!!! ARE YOU???

  8. Finding the Balance says:

    Well just like Mr Goldberg, I really have no desire to go back and forth with someone that wants to condemn and put people down….

    When you get a chance speak to me face to face at the meeting or before….We know each other and I have no hatred towards you. I have huge respect for majority of the protestors and this is more about the miscommunications and misunderstandings. If you understood this as a someone who took on a powerful name as Pule O’O you will also know that letting go of the anger is the first things to do. Then the process can truly begin.

    For sure I think about my children and Molokai is our home.

    I still believe that there is a solution to all of this..Put the anger down, realize we are in Makahiki season and let us find a solution as there is one.

  9. molokai4eva says:

    Peter Nicholas, of Molokai Ranch, was way ahead of his time.

    Through a master plan developed with the input of many community members, he supported keeping more than 50,000 acres of land preserved in open space forever.

    He spearheaded the development of a Molokai Land Trust, which is the vehicle that gave the community the responsibility for managing more that 1200 acres of land turned over by Molokai Ranch.

    The master plan proposed developing 200 two acre house lots which would be set back in some instances more than 1000 feet from the shore. Every house would require water catchment systems, landscaping to minimize run-offs and conserve water and alternative sources for saving energy.

    He insisted on restrictions for off-shore fishing, the protection of historic and cultural sites, and demanded that there be open access to the sea.

    He respected the community’s desire to follow protocol. He participated in more than a hundred individual and community meetings which were held in each of the 4 neighborhoods(Manae, Kaunakakai, Hoolehua and Maunaloa), over a period of 2 years.

    He envisioned Molokai jobs for Molokai residents through the reopening of the old Kaluakoi hotel and by expanding the golf course. The lodge and theater would still be in operations.

    All hard to believe then, probably never to be realized now.

    No, Walter Ritte is not the problem. The problem is that Molokai is good at telling the world what it does not want. Not being able to articulate a clear vision of its wants, is the problem, not Walter.

  10. MakawaoKen says:

    Has anybody considered that Pule o’o is a troll? That is, in online terms, a person who repeatedly posts inflammatory comments to see how people will respond. Certainly his comments aren’t reasoned or even coherent. Undeserving of a response in a civilized society.

    Don’t feed the troll and he will eventually go away.

  11. missin molokai says:

    How passive-aggressive. Actually, Peter wanted to profit while he got the residents of Molokai to think that it would be awesome to serve rich people. NOT AWESOME! Have you been to La’au? I don’t care how far you set mansions back from the shoreline – the entire area would be destroyed. Golf course? How many gallons of pesticides do you think would be washed into the sea? Water catchment? It doesn’t rain enough out there for catchment to provide the water for those houses. You’re right, Walter is NOT the problem.

  12. Molokai PuleO'O says:

    Worry about your own trashed island… U sound like a HAOLE to me… Ha Ole NO LIFE…

    Yes why thank you I am a TROLL!!! as long as you stay on your side of that beat up pasture your living on and don’t cross my bridge to the greener side you have nothing to worry about!!!

  13. Finding the Balance says:

    I think you are quoting someone else…..getting one’s own way is not the answer..Working on solutions is…I am not sure about the fancy computer thing but anyway getting angry and pointing fingers is not the answer…and hence my name finding the balance as I am trying very hard to understand both view points with out being emotionally involved..It is hard when I have to feed, clothe, have a roof, pay medical for my children.. Think I will be better off financially if I quit my job and go onto welfare and unemployment…

    Anyway still we all need to step back and try to see what happened here and what went wrong.. There are two sides of the story both passionate and full of heart…….I have done the best I can to digest all the information on both sides. I still believe there is a solution in some shape or form..

  14. kd808 says:


  15. kalaniua ritte says:

    my name is kalaniua ritte.i’m one of walters “peons” or
    “goons”.it sickens me that people are turning this in to
    a race thing.the people who are on the boat are haoles or white if you prefer…so we say haole go home.if they were japanese we would say japanese go home.if blacks blacks go home.simple.also if you are going to talk crap about people thats fine…you have the right to do that
    but have some HONOR…some Pride… take some RESPONSIBILITY for what you write and put your real name on it.then people mite just take them seriously.
    aloha Ua

  16. Finding the Balance says:

    I too feel sickened that this is being turned into a race thing no matter on where one stands….

    I may go by Finding the Balance but lately I have put plenty of clues of who I am in the press…I am not shame to stand up and mention my name….Yes I am currently Clare Mawae and on arriving to Molokai my name changed to Clare Pereira by marriage 18 years ago, and before that I was know as Clare Seeger, so in other words a haole woman with Hawaiian kids….

    I may not be from Molokai but I did not come here by choice 18 years ago…Many of the protestors have been part of my life, help raise my children through school and other activities. I respect many but there are so many unanswered questions that I have….

    Why has it got to this process? I hear two sides to the story….and yes I am the transportation and yes I exchange “I love you’s”, and yes I exchange hugs, and yes I talk story as the protest is gearing up, and yes I exchange waves with protestors And yes the day I drove all was civil but this last weekend I was gone and only got to hear the stories…. And yes I felt the passion of the reason and fears of the yacht and yes I also know what it is like to try and earn a living, pay my bills, house and clothe my children, pay for their medical, and scrape to put food on the table and not live off the system and grants..

    I have always tried to do the right thing in everything I do. I have asked the vocal Aunties who are in the forefront of the protest to pull my ear if I step out of line with my business, I try so very hard to do good in the community and keep a balance on what I do, and I keep trying and not give up…. I may get attacked and targeted for standing up and putting pen to paper and now moreso my name…..but bottom line I know I am in the forefront of all of this and like everyone my biggest fear is change..

    I do not want cruise ships or over development…but I do want to be able to pay my bills…I do not need to be rich..but I do want to give my children a future…

    I still feel that if we can all step back, stop the racism talk and all of that we can still find solutions to all of this…

    So I may now get attacked by Pule O’o and missin Molokai and who ever else…but those that have been the extreme vocal voices on this situation know who I am…..they know my heart…and they know who I am..

    I am not here to defend myself, as I just opened myself wide up and thank you Kalaniua for putting you name to paper.. as you made a darn good point so hence doing what I have just done..

    I hope that many from both sides of the line and those in neutral will show up to the meeting tomorrow at 6 pm at Mitchell Pauole. I hope that we lay down our gloves and be there to listen and speak with our hearts and not our fists.

    And yes as you so rightly put it Kalainiua, have some honor, some pride and take responsibility but please let us all approach this with an open mind and listen to the community and find a solution that will help Molokai as a whole community….


    Clare Mawae

  17. Molokai PuleO'O says:

    The problem was DEVELOPMENT on a wide spread of land, once done then all the blanks would be filled in to please those million and billionaires, water catchments on the west side of the island, do you live here? do you know that the westend is dry?? How would they be able to catch water. Maybe a 5 gallon bucket every 5 years…

    It might be a good idea, to restructure whats already there on the west side, like the resort and the golf course, and Maunaloa town the gas station and the eateries. Do you really think they cared about what happened to the people of Maunaloa and the rest or Molokai, no they just dropped out of town when they didn’t get what they wanted. They were ACE for starting stuff and not finishing. They could have still took care of the People of Maunaloa atleast.

    God Bless

  18. missin molokai says:

    It seems like the only solution for you is you getting your way. It’s ok to not agree with you. You say you have huge respect for the majority of the protestors, yet you call them minions, pinions and thugs. I see it as quite hypocritical. I’m willing to bet that these comments would be less one-sided if more of the protestors had fancy computers too. But wait, they are too busy working to sit on the computer all day. As for me, I work from home so have the luxury of trying to “find the balance” in these one-sided comments.

  19. Molokai PuleO'O says:

    Molokai was NEVER the “FRIENDLY ISLAND” The true name for MOLOKAI is PULE O’O…

    My soul is full of ALOHA for the Hawaiian people that were forced into CHANGE by your Ancestors …Your Mana’o has NO mana here on MOLOKA’I, and isn’t cared for…

    But I do love you, you anyhow, i have No hate in my heart

  20. HaoleDaMushman says:

    This guy is making the Hawaiian people look so racist and bigoted, one cannot help wonder if he/she is a haole trying to make the Hawaiians look bad. His pidgin looks pretty made up to me.

    Regardless what he is, by speaking for the Hawaiian people, he is making the Hawaiian people look awful, like a bunch of hillbilly bigots.

    The “friendly isle”… yeah right.

    Aloha and pono are not words in his lexicon.

    While you may be Hawaiian in blood, you are most definitely not Hawaiian in soul. Your soul is broken and full of hate. That is sad.

  21. Molokaiwahine says:

    If you do not live here on Molokai, you can not see the meth heads on our streets. You do not see the people who unemployment has run out. You do not see the locals having to sell their property because they have been laid off and can not find work because jobs are limited on Molokai. So unemployment is up 17 % and so is domestic violence.
    You are so lucky to be able to work from home,my you sound so arrogant and self indulged in your self. You make me laugh when people in our community are having a hard time making it. You are bizarre….

  22. missin molokai says:

    Well said. The Ritte bashing on here is just so shameful. Not to worry, though – there are many of us who support the cause, understand the real issues and whole heartedly agree that Molokai is a spiritual place with valuable resources that must be preserved. There is a lot of complaining here about needing jobs and business, about solving the drug problem and getting people off of government assistance. The reality is even a bustling city like Honolulu, with it’s many hotels, boats, golf courses, million dollar mansions, top of the line schools and so on, has a major unemployment rate, a very severe drug problem and literally thousands of people on government assistance. The answer is not in service to the wealthy, it’s in educating the youth, empowering them to learn life skills to sustain themselves and their ‘ohana – all while managing resources and protecting the sacredness of Molokai. Any island could benefit from business, but on Molokai, there are people brave enough to fight the “sell out” mentality that has historically and irreversibly damaged islands like O’ahu and Maui.

  23. kalaniua ritte says:

    yes we must stop the name calling and pointing fingers and sit down and talk on solutions…
    i honestly think we can.
    aloha ua

  24. Finding the Balance says:

    Mahalo….Finally someone is talking sense…..love your family…



  25. Molokaiwahine says:

    Are you one of those that married a Hawaiian or come to Molokai and try to talk Pidgin and be like us?SO offense. Anyone who moves here to Hawaii and tries to talk Pidgin looks stupid. You donot know what we have endured and you need to stop because you are far from knowing who we are and where we are going as a people. I advise you to go help your own people and go home to where ever you are from.You tried to hard. Take a class in Hawaiian and learn the history of our people…You try to hard to be excepted , I am tired of WANABEES…
    Malama Pono

  26. missin molokai says:

    Easy there, molokaiwahine. I work from home because I tutor children (for free). I worked for many years as a teacher and live off of my retirement. I’m able to survive because I grow and harvest the majority of my food, have solar power, water catchment and I even recycle fabric from old clothes to make most of what I wear. I see everything you see. I just see it through a different set of eyes. Im glad I make you laugh, but really, it’s no laughing matter.

  27. Molokaiwahine says:

    Please give it up!

  28. Molokaiwahine says:

    Stop already….

  29. missin molokai says:

    E kala mai, finding the balance, you are right. I got mixed up with other’s comments. I too agree that there is a compromise somewhere. I just sincerely hope that it is indeed a compromise. I believe that if no one cared about these issues then there would be no heated comments – but so many do care and that’s the real reason all this is going on.

  30. Molokaiwahine says:

    It is not a laughing matter when I see my friends losing their homes on Molokai. Or my friends having to deal with their children on drugs and turning them in to CPS to save their Moo’punas from the life they are living with their parents……..

  31. kd808 says:

    i understand both sides, who wouldn’t want a piece of beauty on molokai.there will be many people who will want to buy land here yet its not the buyer we need to get after its the seller and in molokai dispatch classified ads our hawaiian people are selling their hawaiian home leases.just something to think about. thank you

  32. Molokai PuleO'O says:

    `Think what you must, I am what you want me to be!!! If I’m HAOLE, i KNOW a HELL of a lot more about YOUR culture than you do, I’m the one FIGHTING to keep it the way that it is, YOU are the one trying to change it!!! SHAME SHAME SHAME on you!!! You should have given your self the name “MOLOKAIMALIHINI” that would have suited you much better…CHECK YOURSELF if you call yourself HAWAIIAN WALK THE TALK…

  33. Finding the Balance says:

    yes double times over

  34. Finding the Balance says:

    that has always baffled me when I hear so many still on the waiting list…

  35. Molokai PuleO'O says:

    Go figure all those responses, you are the main one with 2 hands in the HONEY POT!!! You are a CLOWN, but thank you for being BRAVE!!! I wont rag on you just keep your comments to yourself, cause you have no MANA here!!!


  36. Finding the Balance says:

    Thank you for that….I know we are all getting heated by all of this…..But you know what maybe as Walter told me last year…He was tired of fighting and needs to step abck and the handover is to the new generation….and I tell you what I appreciated Kalaniua putting name to paper….

    I have no clue on the solution as there is passion on both sides including myself, but truly from the bottom of my heart I know there is a solution..

    We just all need to come together and figure this one out… As my 11 yr old daughter mentioned in a post few weeks back, “isn’t it Makahiki season?”

    She wants to talk tomorrow night….I have made it very clear to her that she needs to listen to both sides as her two of her kumu are active in the Aha Kiole..

    She needs to speak from her heart.

    I think if we can all do that then healing can begin….if we can all step back…then maybe we can then all come together and figure out the balance on Molokai…After all we all have powerful voices and I truly believe as my online name says…we can find the balance;…



  37. Finding the Balance says:

    Are you Sally???? Many of us have narrowed the name list down…and if you are from Molokai then for sure we know each other…..or maybe some one else …still kind of baffled by your talk as it shows a mix of different vocal protestors and very similar to that of Alan Goldberg whoever that person is..

    Somehow I think and maybe I am wrong you may have taken a blend of the different voices…

    Let us drop the boxing gloves and let us find solutions…We all at the end of day want the same results….Its just how we go about it that is all….

    You can check out my response to Kalaniua and then you for sure know me…So lets talk face to face….

    I am not scared any more…



  38. Finding the Balance says:

    Well I guess you do not know me….two hands in the honey pot?? Come on please…lets us not go there…

    So who are you and lets talk because I have nothing to hide….Who are you? Wil you fess us and tell us your name….Ua started it so lets all be open…

    You know I don’t need to give my life story or how I ended up here…

    What I do care about is out children and their future….Too be honest I was never sure if the yacht would happen….to be honest I trusted those Hawaiians involved in the process…too be honest let us drop the gloves and talk in a civil manner as my daughter keeps reminding me …”.it’s Makahiki Mom…this is not the time to fight”….Maybe Kula Kaiapuni needs to be educating their students on the meaning of Makahiki as she appears to be confused by this whole process with the anger, hate and volatile words….

  39. Molokaiwahine says:

    You make me laugh so much!!!!

  40. Molokaiwahine says:


  41. Finding the Balance says:

    Wow you are really begin to sound like Sally…..Still love you though…:)

  42. Molokai PuleO'O says:

    Right on, I’m glad you can come to an understanding, thats awesome. To tell you the truth the whole world is at an all time low right now, Yes Molokai is facing hard time, others are starving, homeless, dieing, jobless, and have watched loves ones die due to natural disasters, illness, and other things. We have so much to be thankful for. I just feel that it’s not going to get any better, the world is crumbling under our feet, I agree that the only thing that we can do now is EDUCATE those who need it and especially our keiki, we need to pull together, help each other, and share. I was reminded countless times from KUPUNA as a child to remember what the AINA gives to us and to hold it close, and CHERISH IT!! Cause if we don’t Akua will take it away.

    I want to HO’OPONOPONO the things that I said that may have offended some, but when things like this happen I feel a FIRE that starts, and I have a hard time peeling it. I believe if been given the chance to be a part of the planning (5-6 years that the buisness people had to plan about this CRUISE SHIP) atleast there would have been so much LESS pilikia between our Local People. Sorry I cannot help but feel that the Kama’aina of Molokai should be the ones VOTING on this…

    Mahalo Nui

  43. Molokai PuleO'O says:

    You wanna know who I am , then tell your buddy Molokai Malihini, to expose herself also..

    You’ll find out sooner than later…

  44. Molokai PuleO'O says:

    Molokai malihini, i have nothing more to say to you…You make no sense looks like you don’t know if your coming or going…Some of the History you gave was WRONG!!! I have nothing more to say to YOU do your HISTORY and GET EDUCATED!!! UA PAU ME OE!!!!

    Nothing more to say to YOU!!!

  45. Finding the Balance says:

    I think if you come to the meeting tonight you may understand the planning process. I have not been involved with that only for that of requesting my services…

    These last few months I have learnt plenty on how all of this planning has gone about, and at one point there never appeared to be an issue with certain vocal individuals involved…I trusted those individuals with the process.. I still do and I just feel communication went off track somewhere, not intentionally though..

    I think tonight will perhaps clear the air and I hope so…My understanding was this all came about because of the protocol, but when Hawaiians can not agree on the right protocol it gets confusing…

    Please lay down the fighting fist, and let us all try to come together and see if we can make something good out of all of this….I am hoping and praying that the people of Molokai can unite and stop pointing fingers at one another, being racist, and making accusations….it gets pretty draining for all of us….

  46. Ho'olehua Tita says:

    I am 19 years old and I reside in Ho’olehua. I am born and raised on Moloka’i and I love my island very much. For this cruise ship coming, it may not only harm our oceans but also the people who have been living here for so many years. I have many ohana here and I must say that we use this land to live off of. I’m sure many families use the land for food like deer, pig and so on. My ohana are hunters and fishermen so when the going gets tough, we all turn to the land. By this rich people coming, I understand they will provide us with some type of income but it doesn’t mean that it will help or benefit us in any way! The economy will not get better so we will have to turn to the land and take care of what we have left. It’s all that we have left for all of us and the next generations.

    I want my kids to be able to know how opihi taste or how it is to plant kalo. Tourism is a big cause on why our hawaiian culture is not being used properly. It’s like a big fat lie! They use modern day people to broadcoast our life on television in commercials and in newspaper articles. They use the beaches to lure people in and fire dancers but when they come here to visit, it’s like they want to take everything from us! Taro patches and fishponds are now luxury hotels in Waikiki. I suggest if haoles come here, visit and leave! Do you know how many hawaiians await to have hawaiian homestead land? I’m proud to say that I’m the 5th generation in my ohana to be carrying our hawaiian land and I WILL NOT GIVE UP TO PROTECT OUR LAND THAT WE USE FOR MANY PURPOSES! We use our land to farm and to live sustainable!

    Yes, the airplanes and Maui Princess bring in people too but it’s our modes of transportation as well! We all deserve to travel when we want but to have this expensive luxury liner, it’s a whole other side of nature! It’s a huge monster coming to swallow us up as HAWAIIANS! We are being stepped on right now and that is not maika’i!

    My kupuna mean the world to me! I will not give in to these people coming and ruining our ‘aina that our ancestors have fought to get in the first place. Imagine what they had to go through to get this land? Think about it! We have to fight because for me, I feel that is the best way to thank our kupuna for the land that we walk on which was once theirs.

    We need to think about the people after us: our keiki, our little brothers and sisters, they’re the ones that are gonna suffer in the end when we’re all gone! That’s all I have to say. If you have anything to say, please feel free to comment! I’d love to chat!!!

    Malama Pono! A hui hou!

  47. halemalu says:

    i don’t get it would there be any damage? please explain… why all that anger? should the name “Friendly Isle” change too?
    8 years ago some big cruise ship decided to come here regularly. some 700 passengers coming into town, all at once, would have overwhelmed the infrastructure. but unless someone can convince me that this little yacht is bad too, i consider it a non-issue.

  48. Molokai PuleO'O says:

    If you know the history of Hawaii, you will understand.

    If 8 years ago a ship with the capacity of 700 did come to Molokai think of all the damage that could have been. Yes this “luxury” liner only carries 36, (but could carry way more) But if that door is opened and allowed by the community, then what do you think happens after that…Hmmmm allow the little ship then bigger ships come, maybe event that 700 passenger boat too, how can we fight them off if we are allowing others to come they are using this “LITTLE LUXURY LINER” as a guinea pig. They are lining up waiting to come…Have you not seen it on ALL the other islands??

    O by the way MOLOKA’I was never the “FRIENDLY ISLAND” its been PULE O’O since the beginning of it’s time…
    Not a friendly island at all…

  49. Ho'olehua Tita says:

    Hey, you know what? Are you considered a local or hawaiian? Does this island have any importance to you or you just admired by it’s beauty? If you have no importance or have no reason behind this issue on how it may cause serious damage to our ocean, reefs, and other substances to our ‘AINA, then I best you go reconsider and look into the HAWAIIAN HISTORY and understand why we fight so hard for what we have. This is the only island that we have to practice hawaiian protocol without having to cross over into private own land by haoles! If this ship comes in, and we so do give in by letting them come and enjoy the parts of the land that we have “NO ACCESS” to, they will come and see the beauty and take it away from us all! Do you ALOHA MOLOKA’I because I do!

    KEEP MOLOKA’I, MOLOKA’I !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. halemalu says:

    ..”and he will take the whole hand”. perhaps that is what you are saying. hmmm, bit by bit this get bigger until “they” get what they want. greed reigns if you allow it to. you may be right there. scary! but there will be a meeting and signed agreements i hope so everyone will legally be protected. Let’s pray for the right decisions. i get emotional because it hurts me when people don’t get along. some people love the excitement of strife and conflict but when i experience this, illness follows.

  51. Finding the Balance says:

    When can we as a community start looking at solutions and not looking at the fears…

    I am scared of cruise ships, I am scared of the economy, I too am scared of opening the doors….but I do believe that as a community we can find a solution and listen to one another…

    We will never move forward until we discard the negativity that continues to circulate…..

  52. Molokai PuleO'O says:

    Yes I agree we should pray, it’s important, i pray for everything I do, God sees everything!! I was thinking about it, and the thought came to me, Instead of opening more doors to these tourist that want to come, and if this captain is honestly and sincerely wanting to help the Molokai community, then how about he make a deal with out MOLOKAI PRINCESS and dock his boat in Maui, and have the tourist come on the Princess like all the others do. This would benefit our community even more… What u think?? They would have to purchase more things here on the island and would spread out more funds throughout the community. Not just a handful of organizations. Believe me, I have no intentions on making anything for myself, I just worry about the IMPACT that our Island will go through…


  53. KIRBYDOG says:

    If laws are broken people should be punished. The people who blocked the road and the boat should come forward and confess their crimes. If they are sincere and honest they will accept the consequences of their action and if other people support their views then their will be changes made to the law. This is how Gandhi achieved change. Any other approach and we will just get more racism and violence and then we will be on the path of Israel and Palestine.

  54. Molokaiwahine says:

    By what form of telepathy is Mr. Blanchard required to know of an appropriate “protocol” or even the correct persons to deal with? By all legal rights, Mr. Ritte is a private citizen, as are the members of the Aha Ki’ole councils. The Governor, quite correctly, chose to veto the bill which sought to create and empower the Aha Ki’ole program (see his veto letter http://www.ahamoku.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Governor-Veto.pdf). As the council has no official status with the state, it is a private organization with no more authority than a club or a chamber of commerce.

  55. Loke Gandeza says:

    So proud of my son in law Kalaniua. We do need to stop the name calling, and talk AND listen more to each other. My tutu always told me that just because you don’t agree with someone doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be respected. Clare, I’ve known you since the first day you stepped foot on this island! You are an inspiration and a role model to all single mothers out there struggling to support their children. I know your heart! Your deep love for Molokai, it’s people and it’s culture would often make me step back and be reminded of all the things I take for granted about living here, being Hawaiian, and being raised in the Hawaiian Culture. So much to be proud of here. Molokai has so much to teach the western world! I hope the meeting tonight is a successful one for Molokai people. Compromise is not a bad word!!

  56. kalaniua ritte says:

    kirbydog is right….so if you dont have hawaiian blood and you own land here you should go to jail because you bought and live on STOLEN LAND.so people lets be sincere and honest and except the consequences.

  57. Adventure70 says:

    This is a great opportunity for a steady stream of income for many people on the island. American Safari Cruises is not Norwegian Cruise Lines, for goodness sake. This is equivalent to rejecting someone’s request for a sales booth at the Saturday Market the way one might reject Costco or Wal-Mart. Totally out of proportion. Not very akamai. Not all cruises are created equal.

    ASC clients are inquisitive visitors, keen on learning and engaging with the local culture, not some mega ship looking for a hideous little hula show and sing-along, accompanied by cheap sugary drinks. I personally and professionally reviewed this very itinerary earlier this fall and was rather impressed by the commitment ASC was putting forth, the low-impact focus, cultural sensitivity, learning opportunities, and activity offerings. Looks like a classic small-group, low-impact, culturally sensitive operation to me – and I am very picky about whose itineraries I would sell to my own clients. This one meets my standard for appropriateness – for tour operator ‘kuleana’, if you will – and for win-win.

    This itinerary actually shows the Moloka’i side of Moloka’i, there is poi-pounding and a fishpond visit, from what I understand. How many people go to Waikiki or Maui for this? None, right! This itinerary is Moloka’i’s golden door of opportunity to differentiate itself from the ‘beachy’ islands. Here is a chance to introduce Moloka’i’s virtues and engage with the visitor ON MOLOKAI’S TERMS (i.e. sustainability, nature, culture, etc.) rather than simply succumb to the tourist dollar on the tour operator’s terms (example: quick stop to shop at a port-of-call, then poof gone).

    In my humble opinion as a frequent Moloka’i visitor (who has been to La’au Pt, Halawa, Kalaupapa, Mo’omomi, Fagans, Kamakou to the end of the trail, backside with Walter Naki, on the reef, etc, etc) and an adventure travel professional, Moloka’i is enormously lucky to be getting this opportunity. Go to any international travel trade show and discover just how many tourist boards need to go begging for this kind of business. Anyway, just my 2 cents.

    Will be back to Moloka’i for a month in 2012. Sending my aloha to the entire Moloka’i ‘Ohana. Happy Holidays to all and a hui hou 🙂

  58. Molokai PuleO'O says:

    Please STEP BACK, your opinion is not wanted, you need to let us poepl of MOLOKAI take care of our OWN!!! We don’t tell you how to clean and care for your house, so please don’t be MAHA’OI!!!

    We are trying to find SOLUTIONS, but people like you make it hard, Kanaka Maoli must care for their own!!!

    Hard to be PEACEFUL when we have people giving NAGATIVE opinion knowing the HAWAIIANS going get mad… Leave us alone…

  59. hank says:

    First off I am NOT a resident or even Hawaiian but just a person who has witnessed the introduction of “cruisers”, cruise ship passengers,to a small island.
    I live on Bonaire in the Caribbean.
    For many years here we had peace and tranquility and no cruisers as the port facilities did not meet international standards for security.
    After considerable expense, the port was updated and now we have an average of one and a half cruise ships per day during the season which lasts for 7 months.
    This can result in 2 to 4 thousand tourists coming ashore in the downtown area.
    As you can imagine we have gridlock and the locals avoid downtown.
    Does this help the economy? yes and no.
    The tourists spend a few dollars on post cards and cheap jewelry all made in China. Some frequent the local bars because drinks are cheaper than those onboard and some take tours around the island further contributing to traffic problems.
    Meanwhile the locals stay away and real businesses suffer.
    What do the cruisers contribute to the island? First off you get an oil slick from the gallons of sunblock that washes off all the swimmers then when the ship departs it stirs up tons of sediment that drifts on the current and smothers the coral reef. Coral reefs take hundreds of years to recover.
    Sure, a few local businesses make a few dollars but overall the island suffers from the damage.
    What is the most frequent question the tourists ask?
    Do you have a restroom? Your island will become a giant bathroom.
    This small ship that was blocked for a while is the tip of the iceberg.
    Now make a decision.

  60. halemalu says:

    unless there is a way to set up laws so this won’t happen like it did on your island. a few dozen visitors from a little cruise ship sounds benign, but… this we can learn from destinations which have experienced what you are telling.

  61. Molokaiwahine says:

    Where is the respect for your grandfather who was from Kansas city? Is that how you would of wanted Hawaiian people to treat him as you are treating these people who are NOT Hawaiian? Why do you say such hateful comments? You just had a baby, do you want her to grow up in a hateful and races world? Your mom is a Christian and knows in her heart that this is not PONO.
    Young man I am so sorry you have all this hate and anger. Why? I am surprise that your family does not change your last name, since Ritte is a German name?

  62. missin molokai says:

    Wow. That was harsh. The Internet is not the place for these types of personal comments. How low of you to bring up someone’s family, their child, even their mother. How do you know what she feels in her heart? You really owe this “young man” an apology.

  63. claremawae says:


    Now you are confusing me….you say one thing and then you say another..I appreciated your first comment in the forum and thought finally things would start making sense…so now you are pointing fingers at me after I poured my heart out last night???

  64. Finding the Balance says:

    I logged in as Clare Mawae which you all know is my name under Finding the Balance…But for these discussions I will continue to use Finding the Balance as that is what we need to strive for in finding the balance….

    You know tonight I spoke to one of my new hires for the boat…and tears welled up in my eyes hearing her speak…..So many of you really have no idea what it is to be like on the other end where dollars are so desperately needed by so many.

    Yes the boat is not coming in tomorrow or Saturday….Discussions and resolution will be sought in the coming weeks…

    I hoped in my heart that the boat lived up to its name and stay back until the next dates while resolution could be sought….And yes Dan stepped up to the plate and made a decision to postpone while discussions are being held…

    But boy did that hurt those that I hired….especially when everyone is struggling over the Christmas season…

  65. Finding the Balance says:

    Mahalo Loke…..without you my strength would have weakened…You were the strong one by my side…and my inspiration to keep moving forward….Will never forget those days where you helped me…

    Mahalo, Mahalo….Mahalo

  66. Finding the Balance says:

    Right on…….

  67. Finding the Balance says:

    Now there….calm way down…one face on the forums, and one face to me…..Yes these are just the kind of comments we need to hear… You heard me and you know me……

    We also need to know who and what kind of visitors that the island wants..Here this person has expressed an opinion of appreciation of what the island holds..

    We can be peaceful…just breath….and stay focused in how we all need to move forward..and seek a resolution to all of this…..

    I guess you heard by now the boat is not coming this weekend…Time to talk and time to find a solution and also a time to get our community tourism plan together so that we have protocol when it comes to the visitor industry…

  68. hank says:

    Setting up laws is done by legislators also known as politicians who just happen to be lobbied by of all people, the cruise ship industry who shovel money in the doors of your elected officials.
    Molokai will eventually have cruise ships just like you will eventually have Big Wind.
    You cannot stop it, merely slow it down unless you get it on the ballot every time it raises it’s head.
    Vote the special interest politicians out of office.

  69. Molokaiwahine says:

    I just in my heart having a hard time when I hear them calling people _ucken Haole because we ALL HAVE OHANA THAT ARE HAOLE IN OUR OHANA.. however it hurts me too see and hear this hate and racism at the wharf and at the meeting. It is all wrong and I apologize…..

  70. Molokaiwahine says:

    You are a retired teacher teaching keiki at home. Why not come home and teach here on Molokai. I have several friends whose children are harassed at the elementary school level because they look haole(light skin) but one of the parents is Hawaiian. Maybe you could have some good manao to teach about don’t judge by the color of someones skin color.

  71. Finding the Balance says:

    Hey …..

    a totally emotional day after pouring my heart out last night and then hearing the aching hearts today….What does happen next???………?

    That is the big question…..Cruise ships will put me out of business that is for sure as I am a little biddy operator and for sure the big guys will come in………

    For this situation this boat is perfect for me and so many without changing infrastructure and many other things…….Time to talk and my belief is to enforce a community tourism plan that involves different sectors of the community in putting the stamp on the plan…….

    It is not easy in finding the balance..but nothing worth fighting for is easy…….However we still need to focus on the positive elements and keep moving forward….

    If we all live in fear, then what??????? ….One of my drivers wants to send out a petition to all of the businesses for community to sighn because he is all messed up without this paycheck……

    Last night I talked about the colour of the skin, and all of that and so many other things with no idea what was coming next out of my mouth..I still believe in solutions and knowing that apologies from both sides with actions is the step in the right direction……….

    I trust this company and many others do….BUT if we are to trust then as a community we also need to draw up the guidelines which I and others must abide by…..

    Molokai is special and I love this island…tried to leave 6 times…but kept getting hold back….I also see that there are so many unheard voices not wanting to get involved because of the hard core radical approaches…………

    As I said last night I know I am not from here…and this was not by choice…just happened….no idea how and still have no idea why I am here…..Anyway the unheard voices should step forward…and guidelines need to be set in place…….from what I understood from the Molokai Hawaiians involved with the planning of the boat coming in….THERE WAS NO PROTOCOL SET IN PLACE..…

    There was No community meeting BECAUSE no one really shows up except for the hard core groups and who wants to waste their time in being shouted down….That is what I understood and hearing why Carl does not go to meetings, shows a valid point on why no one goes…….BUT last night there were close to 300 people on all sides of the line and many in the middle…Today I heard many went from the middle to supporting the boat…after hearing the testimonies…

    I was amazed on the turnout and I was not the only one……

  72. Akamaihaole says:

    So, I am haole huh?
    I came to hawaii in 1966, went to school here, had kids here, and conceder Hawaii my home. I was the only light skinned person in my first grade class. I went to Molokai first time in 1971, my family shipped our camper there and we spent a week, surfing, windsurfing, spearfishing. Our first trip out east we were stopped at rock point by surfers who saw the boards on our van and wanted to know where we were going. We ended up surfing all afternoon with the ” locals”,then went to eat at one of their houses, spent the night there too.
    What has happened to you folks?
    Molokai has enough problems without you silly people fighting over these things you call protocols!
    Don’t you realize the folks from the so called “cruise ship” are coming to learn?, to experience Hawaii without cheesy music and fruity cocktails? And you shun them,,, call them names……
    Here you have the chance to show a small number of folks the real Molokai, but,, I guess you’ve already done that,,,,, racism and intolerance!
    Molokai,, your radicals have gone too far this time, don’t let a small group of fanatics speak for the whole island! What would have happened if an emergency vehicle was blocked by the tree that “nature” blew over?
    What if it was you loved one that needed the ambulance?
    Shame on you!
    I visit Molokai often, and still feel the magic of Molokai as soon as I step foot there,,,,,,Molokai will never be a tourist destination for the masses, but, can be a destination for the caring, spiritual, good folks who travel this world.
    Uncle Walter, I commend you for your silence this time,although i’m sure your hand is in this somewhere.
    Pule o’o? Shame on you! Look into your heart, you know what wrong you have made! Your racist comments have no place here! And why would you,,, a so called Hawaiian bring white mans god into this?
    Remember the meaning of aloha,,,, if you can’t remember, ask auntie Pilahi or uncle Eddie, they wrote a song about it.
    The rainy season is coming and hopefully it will was this pilikia away, leaving cool heads, and a happy prosperous Molokai.
    I will always be

  73. Akamaihaole says:

    Good one Hank,,,,
    So, you’ve never been to Molokai?
    Save your breath!
    First thing is Molokai harbor is too small for anything like a full sized cruse ship.
    The waters outside the harbor are way to rough for a ship to stay on station and ferry people in. The waters around Molokai are the among channels in the world! I should know,, I’ve been there several times in outrigger canoes,,,,,,,good fun but not for the feint of heart.
    Your average cruse ship tourist wants cheesy music,,,free buffet,,, free drinks,,, pony rides and maybe a waterside thrown in.
    Molokai cannot,,, and will not ever cater to this clientele.
    Molokai is a special place and will continue to be so,,,, regardless of the wishes of big business, and should be, and will be available for free thinking open minded folks who can respect the places they visit.
    I think this boat fits the bill,,,,
    Sorry to hear about Bonaire,,,,,,,, heard it used to be a cool place
    Don’t you worry about Molokai

  74. mokeman says:


  75. halemalu says:

    since i came here in the early 80s i knew i had found “my” special place. i am old now and i want to die here when it is my time. it is an oasis of peace. but since i have been reading these racial remarks and disrespect against one another, neighbor against neighbor, and worse yeat, cousin against cousin, and criticising someone because he wasn’t born here. i am pondering the idea “what is a sacred place?” it is a place where people respect God, and He wants us to respect one another. there are evil places in this world where God had turned His Holy Head away and they turned into deserts and the people there hate and kill. but we are His people and we ought not to grieve His Spirit.
    the issue at hand is whether or not to consider a visiting little cruise ship a threat in some way. after looking at various opinions here, we need to be careful to make strict rules to keep the visiting excursions down to the numbers and activities that fit into the island’s peaceful lifestyle, i.e. cultural-educational, not what is generally known as “touristy”. i saw a concern here about increase in traffic. if this can be dealt with, then it looks ok. if nothing at all is allowed to create jobs in the community, more and more families need to move elsewhere to make a living and to educate their kids.

  76. Molokai PuleO'O says:

    What brought you and your family to MOLOKA’I??? Don’t you think others might want to do the same?? We have no time to educate these tourist (what ever color they may be) that come to our island, what i cant stand is the ATTITUDE they come with, don’t you see it?? I guess you will NEVER UNDERSTAND, you mana’o has no MANA here, do we go to WHEREVER you are from and tell them how they should share their lands, or how they should clean their house?? HISTORY IS REPEATING ITSELF, Let me tell you a Mo’olelo………………………
    Back in the ancient day, a Prophetess had a vision of people coming to HAWAII NEI on the ocean and when stepping foot upon the sand they left a strange mark (that resembled a boot print, pointy toe and heel)she was inspired to tell her people of this vision that bothered her so… The vision and inspiration given to her, insured her that one day the people that came with this same foot print onto the sand of Hawaii would be the ones that cause the DESTRUCTION and DEATH of our people, the vision was given to her, so that she could prepare her people of the coming of the HA’OLE, I’m not being racist, these people were paled skin and thats what they called them HA’OLE!! Her people thought she was CRAZY!!, so they killed her, many years later, CAPTAIN COOK came and stepped foot on KEALAKEKUA BAY leaving the same marks on the sand!!!!!!!! Before telling her people of this vision and inspiration, she carved the boot print in the sandstone on the NorthWestern area of MOLOKA’I and it is here on Island for all to us KANAKA MAOLI to remember and NEVER FORGET!!! MOLOKA’I is SPECIAL, and if you know the HISTORY you would feel the same.

    TOURISM has damaged MOST of HAWAII and you want to DAMAGE us too??? Tourism is like a PLAGUE!!! Killing off each island one at a time until we are all DEAD only a MO’OLELO!!! I have no hate for my people, I LOVE THEM ALL, ALL my MOLOKAI people we have to EDUCATE OUR PEOPLE and KEIKI of the DESTRUCTION that exist today and how to stand together and LIVE.

    MOST of the changes done to HAWAII was done in less than 50 year.. Tourism bring PENNIES to our island.. ONLY MINIMUM WAGES!!! All the damage started with TOURISM, think about it!!

    KUPUNA of MOLOKA’I Dead and still living, we will FIGHT to keep Moloka’i Nui A Hina ALIVE and WELL for our KEIKI to ENJOY FOREVER!!!

    Can the PEOPLE WITHOUT KOKO HAWAII step aside and let us the TRUE PEOPLE OF MOLOKA’I figure out a way to make it all PONO between US before we allow anyone else in the circle!!!

  77. Finding the Balance says:

    Wow Molokai Pule O’O….Sorry still working so only can put a few lines down here…..Guess you don’t need to ever leave Molokai then? Because without tourism, sorry no planes…or boats….maybe that of pure wind power…..

    Guess your blood is pure Hawaiian then?? Come on please let us be civil with each other…..

    And as Akamai Haole said…you bring in the White man’s God into past discussions so please what is going on here…?

    This is about all of us………so what I have no say here???

  78. Molokai PuleO'O says:

    You still don’t get the hint finding the balance… If you understand the Culture like I said earlier you would understand, The Hawaiians all believed in AKUA,they were very religious people!! Why do you think protocol is expected ALWAYS!!! The Hawaiian people associated LONO with JESUS CHRIST!!! They knew about GOD, the same god we recognize today!! They were smarter than you think!!!

    Don’t approach me like you know the culture, why do you think the HAWAIIANS ATE CAPTAIN COOK???? Because they thought he was GOD, He came from the east, and they believed that god would rise them from the east, thats why they are buried facing the east. They thought that they would have the powers of a god if they ate him. Thats why they did it… You would never know!!

    Change your name you’re not looking for balance!! YOU MAKE ME SICK and i can feel your EVIL intentions, don’t try make us feel bad for you, if you cannot survive here leave simple as that…Don’t try to make big changes here, I’m glad i made that meeting, I have sit aside to long and let others make decisions for me…


  79. Molokai PuleO'O says:

    I have nothing more to say about this issue you all know where i stand… I love you MOLOKAI and I feel that those who don’t get it, will never get it!! LET GOD TAKE CARE OF THIS, I LEAVE THIS ALL IN HIS HANDS!!!!!

    My ALOHA for this land is BEYOND WORDS!! I have love for my culture and I am so very proud to be HAWAIIAN…

  80. Finding the Balance says:

    Ok this is part of the problem….Too much time pointing fingers, making assumptions, focusing on the negatives and not looking at the now…Putting people down because of the color of their skin and presuming that you know better…

    I dont understand you, I dont know why you act this way….To be honest trying to even talk to you is crazy on my behalf….I thought I knew you better, but I guess not and that hurts thinking you were a friend..

    Your attacks whether on me or any one else is uncalled for and going by Pule O’O still makes no sense to me…..I go by finding a balance in search of balance and that I know is real….

    I feel for you and can only but pray for you….I am still in search of finding the balance and that one day I hope you understand….

  81. truthlovepeacegod says:

    read this article about Walter Ritte pleading guilty to burning a home. 1 year probation and 500 hrs. community service. up to the same old dirty tactics.


  82. kalaniua ritte says:

    hate…hate …. hate…im confused i didnt know telling the truth was hate . hate is comeing to someones home without permission hate is standing on the side and watching friends and neighbors fight and call each other names spliting this community just so he can make money.
    i will teach my son and daughter to stand up and defend
    this island against things that threaten its life style.
    metaphor time…if you are getting beaten or raped by someone should you let that person continue doing it because you have the ALOHA SPIRIT and you go to CHURCH.

  83. kalaniua ritte says:

    rosa parks broke the law by sitting in the front of the bus

  84. truthlovepeacegod says:

    kalaniua….i am so sorry you are soo mislead. This is not about legality. Yes, sometimes laws need to be broken for justice as long as they are done in peace, love, truth and not harming anyone’s property, life or well-being. As long as it is done without threatening to murder someone or keep secret about murdering someone. This person in question could never be compared to the Mrs. Rosa Parks. Not even close. Rosa Parks did not cause physical harm to anyone’s property, well-being. She was an icon for the civil rights movement. Hence the word “civil”. And it was about racism. Hatred is the root of racism. It was illegal to set foot on Kahoolawe in the past. And yes your father and many others illegally landed on that island. Risking their own safety and the lives of others who “so called – mysteriously disappeared”. This was a brave thing. I understand your need to defend family. Many of us are loyal to family. But we cannot be loyal when it is not right and just.

  85. Loke Gandeza says:

    The truth is never hate, but how we tell it can be done with love as well as hate. That’s the choice we make. Living the Aloha Spirit, is what separates our culture from the Western one. But by NO MEANS does that make us weak!!!! In fact it makes us stronger because we know that we don’t need to resort to the very behavior that we are defending our way of life from. Of course we don’t sit idle while we or the place we love gets beaten or raped, but doesn’t beating or raping the perpetrator in retaliation make us just like what we hate? Use the strength of our culture to protect it, not the weakness of the other one!

  86. Molokaiwahine says:

    People will listen to the truth, however it is how you deliver the TRUTH to the community. People do not want to listen to hateful racists comments. What is being threaten in your life style? You hunt,fish you have a home and truck food on your table, a beautiful family what more is important. You have so much more then most of your neighbors on this island.And you and your family have good health.
    Is someone trepasses on your homestead land?
    How are people imposing on your lifestyle?
    Do you have a job, need a job?
    Young man I hope you will open your heart to all of us here on Molokai.You are a bright young man and I am sorry you are hurting. Go talk to your Kupuna alone in forest and ask them for guidance, direction and healing..
    Malama Pono

  87. missin molokai says:

    Hold your position, kalaniua, you’re right. Don’t let anyone, ever, talk you into changing what you feel is best for you, your children, your island. Money is the root of all evil. Simple needs only require simple things. Perhaps if so many hadn’t “banked” on the promise of money then they wouldn’t have counted those chickens before they hatched. I understand what they are saying, that they need income, but I also understand the magic of Molokai and choose to be on the side of protecting her no matter what. Money comes and goes, a sustainable ‘aina and sea is forever.

  88. truthlovepeacegod says:

    It is the “LOVE” of money that is at the root to all evil. “Love” of money comes in all shapes and sizes. And it has nothing to do with whether you are from Molokai or not. It has nothing to do with ethnicity. Get people who love it, abuse it and used it for greed and extortion. Wherever you go you will find that. Including Hawaiians who live here. Don’t generalize and compartmentalize by putting people in groups. That truly shows ignorance. You do not know EVERYONE’s intentions or should claim to know everyone’s intention. There are those that do good and those that do evil. That is what separates us. If you believe in your statement then get rid of all your money and try pay for your airline ticket, rental car, grocery bill with deer meat and wild pig. Not! I no think so. You are misinformed about what is going on here on this island. Move back and in time you will see.

  89. Molokaiwahine says:

    So what is happenning with the windmills?
    People can still sign petition?
    Is Walter and his group fighting the windmills?
    Is the group Aha Kiole going after the ranch and the windmill company, Procecures???? Protocol???
    The windmills seem more of IMPACT to our environmwent then a 36 passenger yacht?
    That will be a MAJOR IMPACT on land and the ocean with their under water cable if it effects the ocean life?????

  90. missin molokai says:

    I do see what’s going on and I’m well aware of the many, complex issues. I didn’t say I knew everyone’s intentions or that money had anything to do with only Molokai or ethnicity. You actually attached an ethnicity to it. You said there are people (even Hawaiians, even on Molokai) who abuse money for greed and extortion. Perhaps I should have been more clear – according to all the posts here, the only reason people are upset about the boat being stopped is that now there are people who will not make money. (love for) money seems to be at the root of that. It’s ok for everyone to have different views. I have respect for anyone who stands up for what they believe in. I just happen to stand on the side of the fence that is pro-‘aina, pro-preservation. Someone recently put a post that explained that there’s no way this boat could lead to bigger boats because everybody already knows that it wouldn’t be supported. That’s a good point, but, if it hadn’t been fought in the first place, then how would they know? Oh, and I don’t ever spend money on a rental car. The majority of my groceries come from my yard. The only real money problem I have are taxes to the US. If they accepted food or crafts I’d be just fine.

  91. Finding the Balance says:

    There has been a couple of pluses with the fighting off the boat, even though people have said some horrible things regarding, race, money, presumptions, accusations both on line and in the public…Laws have also been broken and today I heard the tree that was cut was holding back rocks and so soon those rocks will fall. I have seen and heard Hawaiians and non Hawaiians hang their head in shame with what has been going on…I have heard people express their feelings, sadness in their voice on this whole situation .But is there a light because of all of this!!!

    The last few days people have been talking about forming a new council, hui, organization that covers the whole island in all walks of life….A group that can help set protocol and guidelines where balance is set in place because of the diverse members.. Right now there is no one group on Molokai that represents the diversity of the island or more especially the silent ones who are sick and tired of fighting with the more extreme voices.

    Everyone I have spoken to which also includes myself do want to protect Molokai as best we can but unfortunately, rent, mortgages, electricity, phones, clothes, shoes, groceries, hardware products, gas, cars, travel, education, taxes, medical insurance, etc etc all take money.

    So what are we to do? If anyone can show all of us to get rid of anything that is associated with money which includes computers, internet, Tv, pens, papers, books, etc, etc…many would listen….

    Our generation in this day and age are way too immersed for anyone to give up all of these things…Although the thought that we could all live in a world where it does not revolve around money brings a smile of imagination to many… I sure could do with out all the headaches of running a business and a stack pile full of bills..

    Today I have been opening mail, and going through all the bills….My big dilemma is which one to pay and which paid bill will keep me in business that much longer…How about my home..I need water for my garden, my plants, to bathe to drink and the water bill has gone up…Unfortunately not in a place where I have access to full running water….Oh how I would love to have solar electricity but where can I find the $12, 000 to install it or worse yet wait till the electric company opens that up..No more homes can apply for this year at least….If I don’t pay my mortgage I become homeless….although the fantasy of renting my home out to someone who has Section 8 and then go live off the beach somewhere brings a smile….BUT THEN REALITY SETS IN…

    It is all so hard and for myself I am pulled in both directions….But the fact is with the mission statement of this company..makes me believe that they can help with the community..see below:

    “To provide our guests a safe, highly personalized and enriching adventure travel experience while promoting awareness and the necessity to protect and preserve native cultures and the environment.”

    Anyway I am in hopes that those individuals into forming this organization will do so and perhaps then when an unbiased organization that can represent the whole island….Molokai will then have one powerful voice…

    Right now the voices are divided and this is the dilemma we are in….

    I continue and hope that we will find the balance as we need to balance both economy and the ‘aina.

    In closing although this company directly affects about 20 businesses, those 20 will affect others, and so forth…The only way for the entire island to benefit one time with cash is for one big cruise ship which no one wants…so it all goes back once again…To Finding the Balance…



  92. kalaniua ritte says:

    i bet alot of blacks “property” and “well-being” were damaged after rosa’s ride on that bus.so you cant say she did not cause physical harm to anyone.justification is in the eye of the beholder.

  93. Loke Gandeza says:

    I think you made my point better than I did in my comment to Kalaniua. When I talk about Hawaiian Culture, or Western Culture, I’m not talking about ethnic groups of people as much as I am talking about an attitude that people live. You don’t have to be Hawaiian to live the “Hawaiian Culture or Hawaiian way of life”. You can also be a Hawaiian by blood who lives a “Wallstreet Culture or Corporate Lifestyle”. I think if we spent more time understanding that, we’d be less likely to just assume that any visitor who comes to our island comes with destructive motives.

  94. kalaniua ritte says:

    i think kanohos group has this well covered.its great that someone else besides walter ritte is leading.even though me and kanoho dont see eye to eye,if the windmills do try and come i will stand with him and do what ever it takes to stop them….will you be there?funny i wonder if people will still call me a thug,peon,racist,terrorist and hateful when i put the same passion,love and tactics into stopping the wind farm as i did to get safari cruise to sit with the community.
    p.s. dont worry walter and his peons have a closer eye on the wind farm than you think.

  95. Loke Gandeza says:

    Those of us that know you, know you are NOT a thug, peon, racist, terrorist or even hateful. Sometimes frustration can sound scary to people who don’t understand the frustration. I’m so proud and extremely thankful to have you as a son in law!! I couldn’t have asked for a better husband for my daughter and a better father for my two beautiful grand-babies! Even family can have different opinions and still love each other! 🙂

  96. truthlovepeacegod says:

    Again you are sorely mislead. You were comparing your father to Rosa Parks. Rosa did not threaten or bully anyone to get her point across. Nor burn a house down. She is responsible for her own actions. And her “civil” actions caused a movement of protest that changed laws. She was not known for telling her followers to go and burn the “white man’s” house down.” She was not known for the repercussions and the aftermath. In fact, burning the black man’s home and lynching happened before she refused to give up her seat. Here is an excerpt from here own foundation and website.

    “Rosa Louise Parks was nationally recognized as the “mother of the modern day civil rights movement” in America. Her refusal to surrender her seat to a white male passenger on a Montgomery, Alabama bus, December 1, 1955, triggered a wave of protest December 5, 1955 that reverberated throughout the United States. Her quiet courageous act changed America, its view of black people and redirected the course of history.”

    Take note: “her quite courageous act”. It is about which side your on – not what position you hold. And by that I mean if you chose to be “evil” about your ways or “good” about your ways. There is a right way of doing things and a wrong way of doing things and usually what helps one deceiver which path to take is guidance from the kupuna who hold Akua as the foremost & utmost priority in his/her life. God/Akua/Jesus/Enternal or whatever you want to label the Almighty helps us determine who is being malicious and deceitful about the “process” and “pono” ways to protest. You can be passionate about what you believe, but when you fight in a “dirty way” – you lose followers.

    I know you as well. You are a good person and have a good heart and you are very intelligent……..but just mislead.

  97. truthlovepeacegod says:

    there are many leaders in the community and elsewhere, not just walter ritte. let’s get that straight. and many of them do not “toot” their horn about everything they do once they can get a forum to have the mic. are you not part of the IAM group because walter ritte isn’t “the one in charge or leading?” Things that make you go hmmmmm?

    i think this subject brings up a very interesting point. where was walter when they wanted the windmills on hawaiian homestead land? he was very quiet. He was not asking about “you gotta ask…and you gotta go through the process”. Things that make you go hmmmmm???

    i think molokaiwahine has a very good point. going against this little safari cruise makes people question walter’s motives. Again things that make you go hmmmm?????

    i thought it was interesting when someone got up and tooted their horn about how much information they had about the infrastructure being changed at the wharf and was trying to make the connection to this small boat coming in and that it had to do with big cruise ships. that is a farce. it has and always has been about the windmills and changing the infrastructure to bring in these massive blades and such. again not being truthful and trying to mislead people into thinking it has to do with this little 36 passenger “vessel”.

    the state has their hand in this and there are those that have remained quiet and are not ‘loud and boisterous’ because they too have their hand in it. i have no doubt as you stated in your p.s……”walter ….has a closer eye on the wind farm than you think”. But which way he lookin is the question? things that make you go…hmmmmmm???????

  98. Molokaiwahine says:

    Young brothers also wants a bigger entrance to the wharf because they bought bigger barges and they lose money coming into Molokai because they have to come in with a smaller barge and twice a week. That is another reason I believe they want to spend 5 million to improve the wharf?
    And they need bigger barges to bring in all the windmill blades and those hugh poles etc…..
    I do agree that Walter does NOT speak up more and protest against the windmills, because that is a heavy impact on MolokAI ENVIRONMENT.

  99. Molokaiwahine says:

    Mahalo and well said…..Totally, families can disagree and still LOVE ONE OTHER….

  100. Molokaiwahine says:

    I can say that all of us love Molokai and want to perserve its environment.That is why we live here on this island.

    We need economic stimulation to support our families here on Molokai.

    Have you and your group even discuss economic viability on what kinds of businesses could be established on Molokai to create jobs for the residents?

    Look at the Japanese visitors who are NOW coming to Molokai.They are learning hula and learning about the Hawaiian culture.

    I am still am hopeful that the anger will end and people can be respectful to one another.I just hope you and your group will quit yelling racism remarks at the boat, I do not think they can hear you that far out in the water. It hurts many of us to listen to all that negative comments.It is also hard to see someone who is a teacher being so disrespectful to another humanbeing. I never thought that person could be like that because she is a teacher at elmentary school.

    No one wants big cruise ships that carry thousands of people to come to Molokai. And your group still really has no hard core reasons for not wanting this boat to come to Molokai.

    The state gave them all their permits, they dotted their i’s and crossed their t’s. And they are respectful to the people and the environment.They have come to learn about the Hawaiian cultural. A one year trial period and then come back to the table and discuss what transpired.
    Can we be repectful to each other in a responsible manner? I certainly am positive that we can…….

    Malama Pono and Aloha to ALL

  101. Loke Gandeza says:

    Rosa Parks and her courage is a role model to me, not only was she black, she was a woman. Two huge strikes against her back in her day, standing up (or in her case sitting down) for what you believe is right was not a woman’s place, much less a black woman.

    But this was her genius. If she had shouted, called the “white people” names, when she refused to give up her seat, she would of played right in their hands. They would of labeled her another “uppity negro” and that’s the last we would of heard of her that day.

    She wasn’t the first black person to refuse to give up their seat, but because of the way she handled her actions and her decision to boycott the buses made a huge impact on the local economy and forced the hand of the law makers to make changes in the laws. That to me is what makes her story even more amazing! A small town black woman inspired WORLD change without the use of violence or threats!

  102. halemalu says:

    i sit here teary-eyed thinking of all those friends and relatives who had to move to the mainland to get jobs and/or education. yes, we can have a lovely island but nobody can afford to live on it except for a few rich retired people. and then what? there will be empty houses, empty lots, in foreclosure, for sale….who will finally grab them? doesn’t take much to figure out. i know people here who got a car and cannot afford the insurance, so they sneak around trying to not get caught without insurance and fined or jailed. no jobs, no money. not a good feeling. cannot pay electric bill with a pig from the forest. cannot have well lit and paved roads, infrastructure and pay it with …veggies grown in our gardens. they want money. we can try to hold on to the old system of living off the land for so long. and we raise family unprepared for the world of knowledge and technology. of course we should not simply open up the island for anything goes and any development raping the island for their greed, but a balance needs to be found somewhere. my family avoids going shopping on foodstamp day. the shelves get empty of food within a couple of hours. how many days have the people been hungry before they could get groceries? i am sure they try to earn money but they are prevented from doing so by this type of resistance to permit them to do so. i feel their pain. some walk around with tooth aches because they cannot afford the dental work and they finally lose their teeth.

  103. Ho'olehua Tita says:

    I am so upset that all these “haoles” think that they can step all over us! HELL NO! We have the right to protect what we have left and if that means fighting to stop development and cruise ships coming here, then I’ll do it! I’m not giving up because I am the next generation that will be living here!!!! I really don’t give a “rat’s ass” if y’all have businesses. What my kuleana is, is to protect what we have left and live sustainable so my kids can have a much simpler future then to have to watch haoles own our land! I don’t care if I sound racist or stereotype or whatever. Call me what you want but I represent my kupuna all the way and I know that this is what they would want me to do! It seems that you don’t love MOLOKA’I because if y’all did, you wouldn’t wanna try to ruin or diminish our hawaiian culture and rights!!!!!!!

  104. Molokaiwahine says:

    No one is stepping all over you.
    What is a sustainable Life style to you?
    What is the simple life to you?
    Why do you think people want to ruin the Hawaiian Culture?
    What do you think are your rights?
    What do you think about windmills, do you think that is a bigger impact to our enviroment?
    If you love your Kupuna then ask them?
    Talk with Love not anger and hate?

    Holding on to anger is grasping
    A hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else;
    you are the who gets burn…..

    I wish you Peace and Love
    Malama Pono

  105. Finding the Balance says:

    Well there mission statement is also about protecting and preserving native cultures and environment….This is not about cruise ships, even Walter agreed that this boat is OK…and quoted in press and radio world wide..…We live in a modern day world…..so how do we find the balance…..???????? From what I understand they are involved with the Alaskan Indians in doing just that of the culture….it is not selling out…it all goes back to finding the balance in this modern day world….Hell yeah if someone could tell me and show me to live without the dollar then I sure would listen…but then realism sets in….. world cultures are just too darned immersed…So once again its back to finding the balance….

    Mission statement below:

    Mission Statement of the boat and its company:
To provide our guests a safe, highly personalized and enriching adventure travel experience while promoting awareness and the necessity to protect and preserve native cultures and the environment.

  106. Finding the Balance says:

    I feel the hurt and pain and determination of preservation.. We all feel that…..But when I get angry at those that try to hurt me…I step back..anger will only hurt you but peaceful solutions and love of what you believe in will only make you stronger….

  107. Ho'olehua Tita says:

    You know what? You have no idea what hate is? What I just said wasn’t any bit of hate? You really wanna see me mad? I don’t think so. Don’t be comparing me to a hot coal or whatever high tech words and shit. You make yourself look like an idiot! You guys are just all MONEY HUNGRY!!!!! If you wasn’t so big headed and thought out of the box and who are you to tell me?
    Who the hell are you? Are you the old haole lady who brought chaos to our local community? The lady who owns the bookstore? You have no right to be telling me anything! you know nothing about our culture! It’s people of your race who took over years ago! If it wasn’t for all those white men, we would still be our own nation, living simple, sustainable off the land and using every bit of natural resources that ke akua has provided for us. No worry about what I asking my kupuna, my family have way more background than you could ever possibly think of! And windmills, they are one of the other major stupid pitiful developments that only want to make money off of. That is my home, where they want to build those stupid, loud windmills on. That will be no help to MOLOKA’I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and Aunty Claire, I don’t care what you think! This is my mana’o!!!!!! I will live by this for the rest of my life! andif you are so worried about your business, then by all means.. pack up and move elsewhere! this land is not for sale or development! I’ve had enough of all these old futs grumbling about this and that, that and this… You guys don’t have 40 or 50 more years to live on this island, I DO! and I worry about what will be provided for me as I grow older and have kids, grandkids and much much more!!!!!!!


  108. Finding the Balance says:

    I hear you and understand….and I have to think about my kids connected to this land…It is not easy……..You have every right to your mana’o…

    So in what I may call my wisdom years and still got some more before I reach those…….I stare to the stars and to the ocean and to the mountain asking for guidance…..

    Because to be honest I am not sure how this changing world will benefit our future generation..It scares me and it should also scare you…. But to live in fear is not the answer …..If we are to live in fear we lose those joyous moments that are in front of us….I mean even the second of a smile…those little small moments are precious….and not to be discarded…

    I feel for you, I feel for many but it keeps going back to Finding the balance…

    too be honest I am a survivor, always have been and always will…but what is the right direction…that is the big question…???

    I still believe that Molokai can show the world how it is to be in balance with the changing times…it is perhaps situations like this that make us all wake up and look for the direction……

    You are entitled to your anger and frustration but perhaps this is also the time to look within and keep looking to the stars and asking for guidance….I think many of us are doing the same thing and I do not want to see this island change..Its a gem, its precious and I want my children to still see this in 40 years……

    But oh the sigh of reality sets in….and that is something that we all have to look at but repeating myself again…I keep looking at the stars for guidance and hope that we will in this modern and messed up world Find Balance…

  109. Molokaiwahine says:

    I am praying for you young lady, and I am a Hawaiian and I am barely surviving in these bad economic times and I too live a very simple life.
    Malama Pono, May ke Akua LIGHT shine upon you……

  110. Molokai PuleO'O says:

    I know where you are coming from and you are right, Don’t let these people drive you MAD like they have done to me, Leave it in the Lima of GOD (AKUA)… He know the heart of all and he will REIGN SUPREME!!! He has placed us here on the earth away from all other aspects of life and provided us with the OPTIMUM resources and Perfect weather so that we could live and survive, these people come from WHEREVER they may be and feel it is there right to tell us how to live in our PARADISE, If they weren’t taught the way of our KUPUNA (which raised us locals), then they will never know, Our Hawaiian people are DYING our CULTURE STRUGGLING to survive (NOT IN KALA). They still have their kind living and in full bloods IN THEIR LAND…




  111. Lawrence Aki says:

    Aloha people of Molokai. First let me thank everyone who attended the meeting concerning ASC Vessel on November 30th. Let me assure everyone the numbers that showed up of 300+ tells us there are many who do care as to what is happening with this vessel. We also apologies for the many who did not get a chance to speak for or against this vessel, but your presents tells us many things. Right now dialog with people is important. This dialog cannot be just with certain individuals or group but truly the community as whole. So be patient and allow us the chance to put things in place, so to create the means for all of Molokai to participate in this process. I ask for all to move with humility, humbleness, and not get caught up with the racism, and prejudice comments. What ever you do at this time, I highly suggest you keep in touch with the bulletin boards, Newspapers, other medias for updates of what is happening. We will keep you informed. Remember “No News Is Good News”.


  112. kalaniua ritte says:

    right on the money sista

  113. Ho'olehua Tita says:

    MAHALO !!!!!

  114. Ho'olehua Tita says:

    HAHAAHAHHA, your words mean no sense… looking to the stars and the mountains? the only thing you looking at is the inside of your rental vans you money hungry old hag!

  115. Loke Gandeza says:

    And your words say a lot about you Tita! This place is to discuss an issue not to make personal attacks against anyone. You talking with the same attitude you fighting against, when you learn that, people will start to hear what your heart is trying to say!

  116. Molokaiwahine says:

    Mahalo for your wisdom….

  117. Loke Gandeza says:

    Mahalo for your input too 🙂

  118. Molokaiwahine says:

    Molokai is a beautiful island , however with all the human ugliness the island is dieing of:
    Domestic violence
    Limited jobs
    Self esteem and self worth
    There is the Light of God and all of us are in his image,so Pray for the LIGHT and Goodness that God has given all of us…..
    May God be with you Ho’olehua Tita?

  119. Molokaiwahine says:

    May God be with you and your family….

  120. missin molokai says:

    Exactly. I asked that same question. Drug addicts with more money equals more drugs. Someone said at least they would stop stealing for it. Isn’t that awful? Drug use happens at all income levels. We have to fix the problem but the solution isn’t money. I’ve seen people hooked on drugs brought back with just love from their ‘ohana – on Molokai – and aloha is free. Domestic violence happens at all income levels too.

  121. Akamaihaole says:

    That’s it Tita!
    Roll the bowl and rant again!
    You funny li-dat

  122. Molokaiwahine says:

    Any up dates on the petition and the new Guy in charge of the Ranch? How does Gov Ambercrombie feel about the windmills on Molokai? Maui mayor, Danny Mateo….

  123. kalaniua ritte says:

    why does every one think jobs and money will lessen drug use and domestic violence.more $ you got more drugs you can buy.i have seen drug addicts with good jobs.more $ you make more bills you got,more stress,more worries=more domestic violence.i have known people with good jobs abuse there spouses.more jobs seem to mean more people moving here and taking them,leaving the locals jobless.i have seen this happen on maui.i have seen some rich hateful racist angery people in my time.even places with alot of jobs have these problems.so agian i ask how will jobs and money help lessen these problems.

  124. Molokaiwahine says:

    Do you have and solutions to these issues? If you do tell us what are the solutions to these problems?

  125. Molokaiwahine says:

    So what are the solutions, explain them to all of us.

  126. Loke Gandeza says:

    You’re right, just having “jobs” isn’t gonna solve the other problems, but it does add another huge problem to the list of so many!

    Now let me ask you a question, why is wanting to support putting people to work mean greed? I don’t hear people fighting to “Get Rich” I hear people struggling to just support their families. People in your family have jobs, why is it asking too much for other people to have the same means of support? When the pineapple fields shut down, hundred jobs lost, Kaluakoi shut down, hundred jobs lost, Ranch close down more jobs lost. Please do not assume that people who want to “have a decent paying job” means they are being “money hungry” as someone else put it. That’s just not fair!

    And you made a really good point, many good paying jobs on the island are filled by off-island hires. That should be a major focus of the Molokai Job issue. How do we get our people the education they need to be the nurses, social workers and other jobs requiring degrees?

  127. missin molokai says:

    Check this website out for a great perspective on easing the drug epidemic.

  128. missin molokai says:

    I said it already. Aloha from ‘ohana.

  129. Loke Gandeza says:

    Read their front page. Sounds like a new approach, that actually makes sense. thanks for sharing the link

  130. Molokaiwahine says:

    Your comments descibe what is happening on Molokai. People in this community just are surviving and trying to stay above water.
    The comments of racism and discrimination have to stop, and solutions need to be found to the problems that are at hand in our community.
    Those that have jobs are so lucky, but they worry to that anytime they could get laid off.

    Enough of the hate and anger I always thought this behavior happen only on the mainland , but it is here now in Molokai. Everyone talkes about the Aina , but all the ugliness makes the island ugly all due to us humanbeings.

  131. halemalu says:

    i tried many times over the years to create peace, even to take in some homeless people, for this i was hurt and taken advantage of, used and laughed at. enough! for the last years i have left in my life i keep to myself. i try not to be bitter, but it is hard. my reality would be that everyone loves each other and in difficult decisions they would agree to the practical middle ground, putting unreasonable fears aside. on thanksgiving day i sat there thanking God for Molokai PEACE! where in this world can you find peace nowadays? i thank God for the abundance of food from our gardens, oceans and forests and for people who share this with others. for people of all races who huggged me over time. but this stuff i am reading here is deeply disappointing. it is what some people here apparently want. this is the internet. folks from every part of the world read this. they form opinion of our community. in the end reality will be our teacher.

  132. Molokai PuleO'O says:

    I don’t think its Mr Ritte’s fault for not taking charge of the windmills, I feel Kanoho took charge of that issue and that was awesome we stand behind him all the way, and would continue to do so, if you have two people trying to be a leader you have ISSUES there. Moloka’i is faced with many issues. We must face it one and a time, or find ways to counter more than one at a time, because if we all worried about one problem, you have the ‘IOLE sneaking in the dark trying to take your goods behind your back.

    Don’t you think Maybe Mr. Ritte is trying to let the Opio to stand up and be and strong, I’m sure he doesn’t approve of the windmills, I saw Kalani’ua write that he would stand by Kanohos side if he needed the help. So I don’t think thats the right assumption to make.

    No one gets paid, we take time away from our family and work, beacause we ALOHA MOLOKAI and hurt that people step all over US and do what THEY feel is right not what is right for MOLOKA’I or the future.

    We need to stay FOCUSED, leave personal issues aside, and look at the PROBLEMS AT HAND, and understand that we cannot be fighting each other, we need to stand together and work together. WHY??? BECAUSE I ALOHA MOLOKAI, DO YOU??? You don’t just ALOHA MOLOKAI by voicing out against the WINDMILLS, but to all that DISRUPT OUR PRECIOUS LIFESTYLE AND RESOURCES….

  133. Loke Gandeza says:

    For the first time in all of these post I hear your HEART SPEAKING and not so much your UNDERSTANDABLE frustration!!, and I understand what you’re saying!! Your heart, that holds all your love for Molokai has a very POWERFUL VOICE when you speak like this,! This is how you get people to hear you, this is how they learn and understand! IAM!! I Aloha Molokai!!

  134. kalaniua ritte says:

    bottom line…you want the ship to come show up at the public testimony and testify.you dont want it to come show up and testify.but then you have to give your real name….so most of you on this site wont go.lol

  135. Loke Gandeza says:

    I’d go if I had a ride! Maybe these kinds of meetings can go to all the other communities for those of us who either can’t afford to go to town without the MEO bus, or don’t drive. I’m sure get plenty people east end too that would show up for a meeting in their area, that can’t make it to town for what ever reason.

  136. Finding the Balance says:

    Took a time out from all of this as Pule O’o says it can drive me crazy…

    Well Akamai Haole, Hoolehua Tita, Kalaniaua, Pule O’o please no go back and forth on this…All of you are feeding into the anger..Akamai Haole is doing it and so are all of you from Molokai…..Can you not see what is happening? All of you no matter on the skin color, race etc are just feeding off each other…Thank you Pule O’o for your last comment though…..

    We can all go back and forth but solutions are needed and speaking from the heart and in peaceful tones have powerful effects.. You may all want to slam me down now…but to be honest I don’t care.. After talking to a main activist since 1969 and other local folk, I was told to let it pass me by as I am not the target and we are tighter as friends…so that is what I have done….we may share different opinions here, we may be all going around in circles but lashing out at each other is not the answer..

    Thank you Loke for being steadfast in all of this….

    I think it is time to move on and try to focus on the positive sides of Molokai, the solutions to this messed up world.. Forcing solutions is not the answer, forcing opinions is not too…But with peaceful approaches the power is strong.

    I don’t get why this has all happened after listening to all reasons but it has…..I am saddened though to see the anger, the hate which makes me want to leave…but then on the other side there are also many Hawaiians on this island that talk in peaceful tones that make me want to stay… I pray that my children who are Hawaiians will talk in peaceful tones when they reach their teenage and adult years.

    So please all of you, can we find a solution and use the power of peaceful tones to get your message across…You will be amazed at how that will positively impact the future years to come….

  137. Molokaiwahine says:

    Hang in there! Continue your honest and positive outlook on life on Molokai.We all love Molokai,and I think most of the comments are coming from women who bear the keiki and want what they feel is best for their children. If you really look around this island and see who works in the stores,on the farms, in the resturants it is 85% women who keep it together for their ohana…

    Merry christmas to all and I hope solutions in all the issues that effect the island families can be work on….
    Malama Pono to all of you!

  138. Akamaihaole says:

    Thank you molokaiwahine for your words of wisdom,
    I realize in my last posts, I spoke with anger in my heart, without thinking.
    I said some terrible things that are not of my nature.
    molokai Puleo’o,,,,, Hoolehua tita,
    I sincerely apologize for my crass remarks,,,
    made in anger,
    without thinking,,,,,,,
    Please accept my appologys for my rants,,,,,,
    I was really pissed, and didn’t think.
    I love Molokai the way it is,,,,,
    But, change WILL come,, if we like it or not.
    The fact remains that we have the opportunity to oversee how that change can, and will, affect our wonderful place.
    Just saying no to everything isn’t the answer,,,, as is, saying yes to everything is no answer either
    I hope that soon this will all be history,,,,that the land, and lifestyle, and people of Molokai will be able to look back at these times, and know that all this pilikia did something positive for all.
    It’s not really about the ship is it?
    It’s about a way of life!
    I hate to sound like a cliché, but can’t we all get along?
    My apologies to Puleo’o and Ho’olehua
    Forgive me

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