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The day of business workshops were a great success thanks to the Kuha`o Business Center, Maui County, and the volunteer facilitators: Tessie Juario, Kanani Koanui, Kuulei Arce, Brian Thomas, Donna Haytko-Paoa, Richard Kehoe, Deidre Tegarden (standing) and Stuart Funke-d’Egnuff, Helen Wai, Anna Ribucan and Annette Pauole-Ahakuelo. Mahalo for your dedication to self-empowerment.

Kuha`o Business Center hosts day of workshops.

By Brandon Roberts

“The Molokai island community is thirsty for education on sustainability,” said Annette Pauole-Ahakuelo, executive director of the Kuha`o Business Center , reflecting on the successful day of economically informative workshops.

The Kuha`o Business Center partnered with Mayor Charmaine Tavares and the Maui County Office of Economic Development to facilitate the sessions last Wednesday at the Maui Community College campus on Molokai.

Pauole-Ahakuelo said the workshops encourage Molokai sustainability through entrepreneurial empowerment and the ability to work and provide for one’s self.

There were five different workshops that 163 inquisitive islander’s participated in. “Some sessions overflowed with more people than chairs,” Pauole-Ahakuelo said. The only complaint attendees had was “craving more,” and requesting longer workshops, each session averaged 45 minutes.

The practical workshops were: Grant Opportunities and Writing, Basic Home and Business Strategies, How to Write a Business Plan, Starting a Business in Maui County, and Outside the Box Business Opportunities.

“The workshops were a hit, I went to several myself. They had thorough hand-outs that were easy to digest,” Pauole-Ahakuelo said. “All the facilitators are really compassionate about what they do.”

Pauole-Ahakuelo could not express enough appreciation for all the volunteers who helped facilitate the workshops and to Tessie Juario, an administrator at the Kuha`o Business Center. “Tessie really worked hard on this; she was instrumental in the organization and deserves much of the credit.”

For business resources and entrepreneurial ideas, contact Kuha`o at (808) 553-8100, stop in at 2 Kamoi St. Suite 6 across from the Molokai Drive-In, or send an email to


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