Work To Be Done

Farmers humble despite lopsided victory.
By Sean Aronson

"1-2-3 ‘hard work”

The team exclaims as they exit the huddle. They are up 14-0 at the end of the first quarter against the St. Anthony team last week, but there are no celebrations from players or coaches. Each face is stern and focused, readying for the second quarter.

And it opens with a bang. When Junior guard Kawaiola Kalipi hits a three from the corner, it’s 17-0. The Farmers continue to play stymieing defense and create turnovers on nearly every possession.

And the fast breaks follow. At least 10 times in the first half alone the Farmers successfully executed a fast break. The offense was quite spread out, too. At least six different scorers represented in the first half.

End of the first half – Farmers-38 and St. Anthony-9,

As the third quarter opens, the Farmers maintain their defensive intensity. A steal leads to a breakaway and a pass up the court leaves Alvin Ringor with and easy lay up.

As the clock ticks down, the Farmers don’t let up. Forward Scottie Rapanot completes a three-point play with panache.

End of the game – 59-13.

And the points were spread very evenly. Kawaiola Kalipi and Keoni Kahoalii were the high scorers, each with 10 pts. All seven healthy players scored and contributed.

Despite the positive results, players and coaches alike were hesitant to dole out too much praise.

“The defensive pressure is there,” says Head Coach Lee DeRouin, “but we have improvement in all areas.”

Over the weekend, the Farmers lost two close battles to M.I.L. rival Seabury Hall. Despite injuries to two starters, they fell by just three points on Saturday and four on Friday.

“We’ve still got a long ways to go,” says DeRouin.

The Farmers play their next home games on Jan. 30 and 31 against Hana. Game time is 7 pm. They will also host Lanai on Feb. 6 and 7 for the Homecoming games


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