Winners of Paddling Race Proud of Molokai Roots

Three of the six team members on the State Championship winning boys 12 division A paddling team are “transplants” from Molokai to Maui.

The boys are all members of the Wailea canoe club in Kihea, Maui. After winning all of their season races, the team went on to win the 2007 State Championship held in Hanalei, Kauai.
Joe Kang (son of Endilei Reyes Mendoza and Faron Kang formerly of Molokai) helped the crew win 5 of their regular season races and was an alternate at the state
championships. Trent Corpuz (son of Lou and Brandi Corpuz formerly of
Molokai) was a powerhouse throughout the season for his team and Max Oneha
(son of "Macky boy" Oneha formerly of Molokai) has paddled for Wailea for
a few years.  

Proud grandmother Margaret Blount says, “you can take the boys out of Molokai but you can’t take the Molokai out of the boys! These boys are champions of Maui and Molokai and we are very proud of them.  Its also pretty cool that just as their parents grew up
hanging out together on Molokai, these Molokai/Maui boys are growing up together on Maui…but LOVES to visit family on Molokai every chance they get!!”
Pictured left to right…Max Oneha, Justin?(team member), Trent Corpuz,
and Joe Kang.


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