Why I Am Not Voting for Neil Abercrombie

In the early 70s, while on Oahu, I knew an individual doing government surveillance of a radical group known as the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society). In the spirit of adventure, when this individual lacked the usual companion, I volunteered to dress up in hippie garb and go to an SDS meeting.

This turned out to be an important meeting where a long term plan was set forth to 1) set up a task force to infiltrate the high schools in the state of Hawaii, 2) obtain an office/copy machines, etc from which to propagandize, 3) change from the radical hippie image to a clean cut suit and tie image and 4) put people who supported Marxist philosophy into positions of power. Two of the names I remember well were John Witeck and Neil Abercrombie.

When I returned to Hawaii and learned Neil Abercrombie was running for governor, I was stunned. I contacted by friend and confirmed that Abercrombie was not only the member of SDS I remembered, but the president of the organization, an avowed Marxist who frequently read form the Communist Manifesto to the group.

At that time, their game plan included pouring blood on the General’s cake at the U.S. Marine Birthday Celebration in Kaneohe, a plan which was averted. But, I fear the plan today is more sinister. Neil Abercrombie is a wolf in sheep’s clothing in my opinion. He will not get my vote.

Enough is enough! It is time for citizens to speak up and no longer be afraid of these communist Marxist socialists any longer. Please don’t give them another foothold in Hawaii!

Sue Gerard


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