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Why Hunt in Residential Areas?

Why? They say if you have to ask the question, you don’t know the answer. And so I ask this question because I am looking for enlightenment, education and answers. I don’t want excuses. Excuses are tiresome. I simply want to know why.

Why do some feel the need to hunt in residential areas, so close to houses, close to where children are playing, close to where people are enjoying the outdoors? Why do some feel the need to hunt so close to houses that they risk harming others?

Why did someone feel the need to shoot a majestic buck, behead him, and leave his en-tire body to rot in someones yard? That is not hunting to put food on the table. That is hunting with great disrespect.

Tiresome excuses are not what I am looking for:
“There is no other place to hunt.” Yes, there is. The island is full of non-residential hunting areas.

“Other places are too far.” Deer are everywhere.

“I have good aim.” Sure you do…until you don’t and someone gets hurt.

“It’s my land.” No it’s not. Ownership belongs to this planet. Every life on earth is simply a borrower of the space here. Respected are those who are respectful of this space, this land.

Disrespectful hunting practices are shameful. They discredit decent hunters, of which there are many.

I have hope that there must be a very good reason for such deficient hunting practices. I have hope that whomever you are, you have a good reason. I simply want to know.

I would like to talk story with you about whatever that reason is, as for now, a good answer evades me. Maybe there isn’t an answer. And maybe, just maybe, we could find a solution, work towards creating respectful hunting practices that keep our children, our neighborhoods, our pets and each other safe from bullets.

When one respects who they are and actions they take, only then can they walk with dignity and pride. People have great capacity for change. I have hope.

Maureen Whittemore


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