Who Really Loves Ya?

One who lives with you and knows you have body odor, halitosis, says nothing or one who says something. If one tells you jump in the fire are you going to do it or ask who, what, why, where, and when?  If there was poison in your drinking water, toxins going into the ocean, killing the fish and the reefs – who really loves ya, one who speaks up or not? 

The picture that politicians see most of the time is not always the picture that people need.  Political operatives want you to shut your mouth, play your guitar and sing a “Million Moons” for their agenda equaling “same ol same ol.” A few get rich! In our local culture, many are taught to accept the way it is.  So if we do and we saw what it nets, less fish, less hunting, more development, and the more selling Hawaiian culture in a zip lock bag, question: should Molokai continue the same recipe or are we ready to change the play?  Wharf expansion?  400 ft. towers?  Traffic lights?  Then I would ask the question…who really loves ya?

P.S. Here’s a shout out to Max Agaw, Dobie Enoka, and Doug Rogers for helping fellow veteran Roland. 

Larry Helm
Molokai Concerned Citizen


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