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What’s the News at MHS?

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By Clare Albino, MHS Newsletter Team

COVID has had its toll on the Molokai High School (MHS) students with missing out on so many fun activities. With the start of a new school year, MHS is proud to announce the new Molokai High School Executive Board. The students on this board are earnest to ensure that the high school is a safe learning environment.  They plan to bring some fun activities to make up for much of the student isolation of the last school year.  These chosen students want to make a difference for the 2021/22 school year and are keen to hear from the students’ voices and opinions on making the school a better place.  

Mele Kanealii is the new president, and Kira Kai Yamazaki-Grey is her vice president. Quedin Bumatay is the sergeant of arms. Daisi Burrows is the treasurer. Aiko Kanemitsu is the corresponding secretary and Tenley Akutagawa the secretary. MHS recognizes this board as a powerhouse with solid leadership to guide and support every student to have the motivation, the perseverance and the ambition to make it through another year. 

As for our class of 2022, we have another powerhouse team with Jordyn McCutcheon as the president and Ilona Kaʻahanui as vice president. Jordyn wants to be part of the voice with school decisions. Ilona has a strong relationship with her fellow officers and supports her peers by voicing concerns or opinions. In part of the strong leadership, Paige Fukuoka as the class secretary, is excited to be helping her classmates and working toward creating a fun graduation ceremony. Sally Andallo-Merkell is the treasurer and, like her peers, is excited at the chance to be a great role model for students of Molokai High. Finally, rounding out the team is the sergeant at arms Ethan Lasua. He feels a strong sense of belonging at MHS because he is helping his classmates get what they need for school and graduation.

Congratulations to these future young leaders who want to create some fun activities that promote school belonging. Their missions tie in nicely with the profile of the Molokai graduate and the HA statement, which emphasizes a strengthened set of belonging, responsibility, excellence, aloha, total well-being and Hawaii.

MHS has a monthly newsletter open to our community. If you would like to receive the monthly newsletter, don’t hesitate to contact Clare Albino clare.albino@k12.hi.us or Amanda Labriola amanda.labriola@k12.hi.us to be added to the mailing list. 


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