What’s Brewing at Coffees is Not Coffee

Rules, regulations or policies that don’t work for the benefit of people, or do not serve a real purpose, don’t belong on any shelf. I’m in the dark to what is going on with our favorite Sunday sing along program at Coffees of Hawaii, and why they are closing both programs – the Sunday concert and the jazz group on Saturdays.

These two musical groups have brought great enjoyment to our people. I’m personally grateful to Coffees of Hawaii for providing these programs, because it is something good for all of us…it lifts our spirits and keeps us bonding in the spirit of aloha, which Molokai is all about.

It is rumored that it has to do with a liquor issue. I’m not happy to say, whoever initiated the idea for a liquor license so drinking will be permitted at this place that already has the fine reputation for brewing the best coffee…why not just let us keep it that way? There’s enough liquor going around on Molokai, I don’t think we need it at our coffee place.

But if we could provide better menus, with waitresses and waiters complying with comfortable dress code, with friendly smiling disposition, in a warm atmosphere with the best food in the best place, people will travel miles for the food as well as the entertainment. Coffees of Hawaii will be a great winner! Just wishing and hoping for the best for Coffees of Hawaii. We lost so much in the past, I don’t think I’d like to walk through regression.

A concerned kupuna,
Prisca Bicoy Medeiros


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