What Do You Know About The Plan?

Saving the birthplace of hula in Ka`ana, protecting the makahiki grounds in Naiwa, and keeping the `iwi from being disturbed in Keonelele have been Molokai Ranch’s argument for supporting their Master Plan.

The argument is that the development of La`au would act as sacrificial protection to some of Molokai’s most culturally sensitive areas.

The fact is, however, that these lands are already protected from desecration through county law. The Maui County General Plan makes to “identify and maintain an inventory of significant and unique cultural resources for special protection.”

Naiwa, Ka`ana, Keonelele and other culturally significant places are recognized in the Molokai Community Plan which was enacted in December of 2001.

Currently Molokai citizens are finalizing an updated community plan (read GPAC page 7) that further strengthens protection over culturally important places.

In their zealous push to develop La`au, Molokai Ranch has done a good job in selling the need to preserve cultural sites within their own property boundaries.  This has surely aided planning efforts Naiwa, Ka`ana, and Keonelele even without developing La`au.


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