Website Lists Local Development Projects

For residents wondering what developments may be in the works on Molokai, the county’s Planning Department launched new website this summer designed to give the public easier access to projects currently under the department’s review and open for comment.

“It was intended to provide more transparency for the public and get comment from them,” said Molokai Planner Mikal Torgerson.

Projects are listed by title, type (description of the project), compliance (permit the applicant is seeking) and application number. Full applications submitted to the planning department are also posted, and residents can write comments on projects through the site’s comment box.
The Dispatch will publish the current list every month. For more information, visit www.co.maui.hi.us/index.aspx?NID=1583 or contact Torgerson at (808) 646-0122.

•    Jackson Ohana requesting Special Management Area (SMA) assessment for four lot subdivision in Kawela.
•    Meghan Soukup requesting SMA assessment for road grading and utility placement in Puko`o.
•    Kaunakakai Harbor Ferry System improvements requesting preliminary Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).
•    Halau Wa`a Canoe Hale requesting SMA major permit at Malama Cultural Park.
•    Molokai Community Health Center requesting SMA major permit to reconstruct old Pau Hana Inn.
•    Wai`eli Cinder Mine requesting State Special Use permit for cinder pit excavation in Kaluako`i.
•    Thomas Lether requesting SMA assessment for single family residence in Kaluako`i.
•    Christine Goodman requesting SMA assessment for installation of a utility pole in Kawela.
•    Molokai Planning Commission requesting an SMA boundary review, whether the current SMA boundary should be amended.


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