Water Shortage Continues

DHHL asks residents to continue conserving water.

By the County of Maui

The Department of Hawaiian Homelands (DHHL) is asking residents of Ho`olehua and surrounding areas to continue conserving water. Repairs to two DHHL water pumps at the Kalae water well that began in early November are not finished. Residents and businesses in the area are reminded to continue necessary water conservation efforts by restricting lawn watering, avoiding washing cars and taking shorter showers. Non-essential water use should be limited.

In order to maintain safe levels in the water reservoir, a temporary four-inch emergency water line was installed. %he line is smaller than normal, so a lesser amount of water is being pumped to residents in the Ho`olehua and Kalamaula areas. As a result, DHHL asked the residents to reduce their usage by 50 percent on Nov. 10 to help lessen the risk of running out of water while the repairs are being completed.

The County of Maui’s water system is helping to supply water to DHHL’s system during repairs. Earlier this year, when the County’s system underwent emergency repairs, DHHL provided water to the County to assist Kaunakakai residents.

Fire Department Captain Travis Tancayo headed a county-wide effort to ensure that there is enough water in the event of a fire for both the impacted Ho`olehua area and the surrounding areas currently sharing their water. Tancayo credits the work of many in helping to prevent a dangerously low water supply situation from worsening.

“With the guidance of Pacific Electro’s Marty Johnston, the group was able to collaborate and resolve how to get needed water to the reservoir while DHHL’s pumps were under repair,” Tancayo said.

“Everyone involved worked weekends and nights to develop the response plan, get materials and lay pipes so that people could have water available. We’re very grateful for Kualapuu Ranch and ranch owner Kevin Komkowich’s assistance. The pipes were laid on the ranch’s property and their support and understanding of the urgency were instrumental.

“We were then faced with needing to cut the road to lay the temporary water line and Pedro Ranch stepped forward with heavy equipment to help get this done. By having many people and agencies work together we were able to respond rapidly and help our community and that also includes our residents and businesses that took steps to immediately conserve water. The public’s help is always crucial and appreciated”

Anita Wong, DHHL’s deputy director, gave special recognition to Molokai Properties (also known as Molokai Ranch). The company reactivated its Well 17 in order to provide a needed water source for the Kalae Reservoir. “Molokai Properties’ help with Well 17 was essential,” Wong said. “Rex Kamakana and the water department personnel worked tirelessly to make it happen and we appreciate their hard work these past few weeks.” Wong also commended Monsanto for the company’s help with providing 2,700 feet of a high density four-inch water pipe needed for water to flow to the reservoir from Well 17.

“Monsanto not only provided the needed pipe material, the company also made available a large crew of workers to install the pipe over a 3-day period using specialized tools,” she said.

The County of Maui is providing water to the Kalamaula area and will continue to assist DHHL until repairs to its two pumps are completed.
Repairs are expected to be completed sometime in the first week of December. Impacted residents and businesses in Ho`olehua and Kalamaula are asked to continue conservation efforts until the repairs are completed.

Residents who live off the grid and can’t reach these projects may reach out to a company that offers water drilling services and well pumps.


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