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Water Catchment

I just read Sept. 14 article on Molokai’s energy future and here are some of my thoughts for the future, mostly involving water. What about the Permaculture idea of water catchment from rooftops? People can build their own for very little money. 

There are many thousands of square feet in Ranch Camp and coming down the hill to the police station, Kaunakakai gym, county offices, the elementary school, etc. Along with it could be water hyacinths, a plant used to purify water and protect fish. Guppies can eat any mosquito larvae. Cardboard, pallets and six mil plastic is almost all you need. Total cost is under $100. Plastic will last many, many years if you keep the sun and wind off it. Use vines like cucumber, long bean and lilikoi. 

Call me if you have any questions or comments.

Joe Kennedy

(808) 658-9247, no text please


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