Waipa is Working for You

Whatever else you’ve heard is simply rumor.

I ka `olelo no ke ola, I ka `olelo no ka make”.  “In words there is life. In words there is death”.
“Words can be a source for healing or destroying, so choose your words carefully”

Aloha to Molokai and Monsanto Employees, we, the family of Waipa Purdy, heard through the coconut wireless that certain people are being told that Waipa Purdy will hand over his trusteeship to Walter Ritte once he gets elected as our Molokai Trustee for the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA).  HOW ABSURD!  Walter Ritte doesn’t have to use Waipa to run for OHA, if he wanted, Walter could have applied as a candidate himself.

For all of you that have been mislead, here is a bit about Waipa’s character: Waipa has volunteered for 30 years assisting Molokai’s non-profits.  He helped to organized many music events that we all enjoyed, not once asking for compensation.  Waipa is a man who values your feelings and treats you with respect, always greeting everyone and anyone with ALOHA.  He is honest and true to his word.   Through his acts of kindness, Waipa truly represents Molokai well.  

Waipa is taking his candidacy seriously.  He has been sign waving mornings and late afternoons on every island (at times by himself), hours and hours of door-to-door campaigning, meeting thousands, just to bring honest and positive changes to Molokai after 12 years.  Waipa deserves a chance to make a difference.  It’s about working for you, the constituents.
The OHA election is statewide for all of Hawaii’s people.  Once elected, one CANNOT turnover their position to a friend or family member.  Do you see our governor, mayor, senators, and/or house representatives turning over their governmental duties to their cousins? NO, because the law doesn’t allow it and OHA is no different.

In the end, you are entitled to vote for whomever you wish, whether it be Waipa Purdy or not. We just hope your vote is not based on false accusation and dishonest politics.

Humbly, The Purdy Ohana

P.S.  Molokai needs Aloha in O.H.A….    VOTE, WAIPA PURDY


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