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Vote ‘We the People’

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By Barbara Haliniak

Early in my career at the phone company, I learned that any time one came across a problem, it was standard to identify the problem and offer solutions to the problem.  Based upon this, on May 21 I filed nomination papers for State House District 13 seat, currently occupied by Mele Carroll.

After I filed nomination papers, a bunch of questionnaires from various organizations were sent to me soliciting responses for possible endorsements.  Although, I responded to two organization questionnaires, I did not get their endorsements.  It was OK, I needed to be true to who I am and not some organization’s voice.  From that moment on, I decided not to seek any endorsements or campaign contributions at all and just do genuine grass roots campaigning with what little campaign funds I have.

Lots of people will disagree with me for not getting endorsements, because endorsements can help to secure votes.  However, I am running to represent the people in our district and not be encumbered by some organization that will have its own agenda.  My agenda is you folks in District 13, “We the people.”

I hear a lot of talk about Molokai being at the bottom of the barrel for state-funded projects and it is often reported in the media that the unemployment numbers are the highest in the state, gasoline prices are outrageous and transportation is challenged whether it’s air or barge service.

I’ve been told our legislative representatives have brought Capital Improvement Project funds to Molokai.  That’s their job to get funding for Molokai.  But what have they done about our other needs?  The need for small businesses to be sustainable to provide much needed jobs, the need to ensure that our kupunas have ample care, the need to have our schools maintained, the need to have reasonable cost of goods, the need to control cost of living.

Let’s look at the big picture; we are currently being represented by people who do not live here. Wonder why we hardly see or hear from them?  It’s the numbers game.  In 2012 there were 30,855 registered voters in Senate District 7 (English), of which Maui commanded a total of 25,181. In House District 13 (Carroll) there were 14,940 registered voters of which 9,219 come from Maui, 4,014 from Molokai and 1,660 from Lanai.  It’s plain to see why both legislative representatives count heavily on Maui votes.  But let’s not have the numbers dictate whether we should vote or not.

In District 13 2012 elections, Maui voters were only 18 percent, Molokai 26 percent and Lanai 20 percent. Do we have a chance to get a House seat?  Absolutely!  We must pull together and vote in the primary on Saturday, Aug. 9, 2014.  Only you can make the difference by exercising your right to vote “We the people” and encouraging your family and friends to do the same.

Please feel free to contact me via email or facebook at bhaliniak@gmail.com.  For more information visit barbarahaliniakhawaiihouse13.com.


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