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Vote, Vote, Vote

Congratulations to all of you. Good luck to all of you. That’s aloha. Whatever happens, water under the bridge. We move forward and support each other for the good, better of our District 13.
Always remember Molokai is our home, families, community, generations. Action, action, action. Lynn DeCoite always lead by example to take care her District 13 community, she serves with honor, respect and honesty for six years, another six more years of honesty, care. It’s your generations. Also Lynn DeCoite has many others valuable talents and gifts. She has lots of love, care, respect for the land, survival of our life. Very successful sweet, sweet, sweet potatoes farmers. What more District 13 could ask for it?
Good luck to all of you with your adventure, challenge. That’s aloha. Lynn DeCoite is your honest, care positive, trusted yes, yes, yes vote. I have ohana on Molokai. Also strong roots, cousins four, five, six, generations. Molokai is home. Life is beautiful, everyday is important, special.

Saunoa Liva


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