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Virus and the Human Race

Coronavirus is a disease of nature and has no favorite culture, color of our skin, or material things we have. Hate and blaming are human virus diseases. We need to heal, cure these bad diseases by moving forward and doing our very best to improve life for all and the generations to follow.

There’s no such thing as a perfect life, but our mission, reason and purpose for life is to look to the future and make it better.

Look what happened with our daily life! None of us ever thought something like this coronavirus disease would happen, especially on Molokai. It happened for a reason, to Saunoa. It is time for the human race to stop, look at our own life – the good and bad things – that we have been doing with our God, Earth and to our own human race. To heal, cure nature’s virus diseases is for all human races to join each other, do what we all need to do, and fulfill the human mission together.

This is a new cycle of rebirth of life, and the realization that nature can destroy human life forever. Human lives are compost and fertilizer of God, the Earth, survival of nature. From the beginning of life till the end of life – think about it.

Have a pleasant, safe day with your families, be motivated to do the right beautiful things for the good of everyone. We all are part of life together. Stop hating and blaming. It’s a bad disease! Yes, we can do it!

Saunoa Liva


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