Victory for Molokai

The EC vote on Wed. Jan 31 was a victory for Molokai. It is part of a great story of an Island that participated in a democratic process in large numbers without the influence of government. It was a grass roots effort by a community determined to express their choices. Those on both sides of the issue worked hard to create a safe place for all to participate, and participate we did. The election is the talk of the island.

The Save La'au candidates delivered a landslide victory and in the process ousted well known politician and OHA trustee Colette Machado. Also on the losing end was Claude Sutcliff who called the elections a "community referendum" on the issue of whether to develop La'au Point.

The ‘silent majority’ had a chance to speak, and it was a deafening NO! to the La'au development project. Those who won were against La'au Development, and the two encumbants who lost were in favor of the development, which begs the question: "How much more does this community have to say and do before Peter Nichols keeps his word about having the community decide whether La'au will be developed?”

Congradulations Molokai- you made yourself proud…KU'E!

Walter Ritte


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