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By Jesse Church

Hello veterans, old Jesse here with all the veterans’ news and upcoming events. In the April 11 issue of Time magazine, they reported about a scandal at Arlington National Cemetery. An Army inspector general’s investigation confirmed that the Army had lost control of its sacred ground, the resting place of John F. Kennedy and Audie Murphy, and 330,000 others who courageously served their country. The probe was played down by the Army, but the revelation prompted a congressional hearing, and howls of disgust from veterans’ organizations. This outrage prompted Army Secretary John McHugh to push out the superintendent of Arlington, and his deputy, and install a new boss to make things right on its hallowed site.

But it looks likely that the problems at Arlington are far worse than the Army has acknowledged; the new chief Kathryn Condon admits the service may never be able to identify all the missing remains on the 624-acre site. The problems at Arlington stem from their record keeping, for they have never computerized their records. The Army has known for months that they have a massive case of mistaken identity on its hands, but is reluctant to admit it, or learn exactly how widespread the burial errors really are.

The Army plans to make only educated guesses about the identity of the remains rather than dig to be sure. This is a very well written article by Mark Benjamin, and I hope that everybody will take the time to read it.

For all you veterans palling to buy a home, Tony Dias, president of VA Loans Hawaii, is coming to Molokai on May 12 for a free educational seminar. He will be able to answer all your questions, and help get your certificate of eligibility from the VA to apply for the home loan. This free seminar will be held at the OHA/DHHL conference room at 10 a.m. – I hope to see everyone there. For more information called the veterans’ center at 553-8387 and speak with the watch commander (open Mon, Wed, Fri 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.)

If anyone has any news or stories they’d like to share or experiences while in the service of this great country, I would really love to hear them. A big mahalo to all our veterans, and the people of Molokai, I love you all.


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