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Veterans Corner

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By Jesse Church

Aloha my fellow veterans and residents of Molokai, old Jesse here with all the veterans news and upcoming events. The 1st Battalion, 9th Marines, is nicknamed “The Walking Dead.” Do you know why? First activated during WW II, the infantry battalion earned its macabre nickname during the Vietnam War. In a 1966 speech former Vietnamese Prime Minister Ho Chi Minh referred to the Marines as “walking dead,” dead but not buried. The unit sustained the highest casualty rate in Marine history during the Vietnam era, according to the battalion’s webpage on Marines. Military deployed for a combat tour lasting 47 months and seven days, another record. One of the most decorated units in the Corps, 1/9 was deactivated in 1994, but stood up again in April 2007 aboard Camp Lejeune, N.C.

I hope that everyone did well with the last question which was: trade of what Hawaiian product collapsed in 1830? The answer is sandalwood. Chinese markets had a large demand for Hawaiian sandalwood starting in the 1790s. The Chinese used the wood for incense, medicinal purposes, carvings and architecture. However, by 1830, the trade collapsed because Hawaiian forests were exhausted and the Chinese started obtaining sandalwood from India. The new question is, when did Hawaii’s elaborate kapu system come to an end, and who ended it?

New Veterans Affairs Secretary Bob McDonald has ordered town hall meetings at all VA facilities by the end of September to try and get a handle about veteran’s complaints about services. In a message to staff on Aug. 5, McDonald said the meetings are designed to gather feedback from veterans and their families, but will also be open to lawmakers, veterans groups and other local individuals who work with the facilities. “Caring for veterans is a calling and our first commitment is to provide veterans and their families the timely quality care and benefits they have earned and deserve through their service to our nation,” McDonald said in a statement. “It is critical that we continue to listen and learn directly from those who use our system.” Local facility managers will announce details of their individual town hall plans.

This week in history, Hurricane Andrew slamed through South Florida, killing at least 15 people, destroying 85,000 homes and causing more than $15 billion in damage Aug. 24-26, 1992. It was the most expensive natural disaster in U.S. history. On Aug. 27, 1999, scientists report edthat for the first time, water in liquid form was found in an object from outer space, a meteorite discovered in Texas. Aug. 29, 1893 a Chicago mechanical engineer named Whitcomb Judson is granted a patent for a device he calls a “clasp locker.” We call it a zipper.

To all of our troops around the world and our veterans all home, we send you a big mahalo. We also send a big mahalo to all the residents of Molokai for your support. If anyone has any questions, suggestions or news, please give old Jesse a call at 553-3323. I continue to depend on the information you give me. I hope you all are had a wonderful summer, only a couple of weeks left. Remember that old Jesse loves you all, so until next week, aloha.


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