Veterans Corner

By Jesse Church

Hello veterans, old Jesse here with the veterans news and coming events. The Molokai Veterans Caring for Veterans center, located at 145 Ala Malama Ave in Kaunakakai, has been closed for a number of weeks due to not having electricity after the fire at the restaurant in the building that we shared. I’m happy to announce the center has reopened – hours are the same (Mon, Wed, Fri 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.), and the phone number is the same (553-8387) – so everyone who would like to stop by and say hello, please feel free to do so, we’d be happy to see you.

Molokai veterans Jesse Dudoit, Kalele Lorgan and Ray Sambueno, helped out Richard Davenport, a disabled WWII veteran, in February. They cleaned up his yard, cut grass, tripped the shrub and trees, and took the trash. Mr. Davenport is unable to do any yard work, and the local authority wanted him to get his yard cleaned or be cited. Since he couldn’t afford to hire anyone to do the work, in the true spirit of veterans caring for veterans, these three wonderful veterans did the work for Mr. Davenport. We stand and salute you for a job well done, mahalo.

Gayle Dickson of Kaunakakai donated a 37-inch flat screen TV to the veterans of Molokai, in loving memory of her friend and our fellow veteran Roland Lizotte, who passed away in December 2010. Douglas Beijer of Kaunakakai also donated a 42-inch plasma TV to the veterans of Molokai. Jesse Dudoit helped Douglas set up his new TV and took the old TV to the veterans’ center. Gayle and Douglas we thank you for your generosity.

A meeting was held for veterans at the Molokai General Hospital on March 1, where there were over 30 veterans in attendance. Rosalie Schreiber opened the meeting with a brief outline of her program, the Home-Based Primary Care Program, and for more information you can contact her at 658-5167. Then the meeting was opened for questions and comments. Things mentioned include:
–    How to get help when no VA doctor or nurse is available, especially mental health. Dr. Hafermann explained that you need to call the advice nurse at 1-800-214-1306 ex. 5, available 24/7
–    For problems with payments for services, when VA coverage is not available, call the advice nurse before treatment if possible
–    Travel reservations are getting fouled up, and no compensation for taxi rides. A procedure needs to be developed
–    A suggestion was made for the VA to have ID cards made for the veterans of Molokai, stating what medical treatments are authorized for that veteran

I’d like to thank Dr. Hafermann and nurse practitioner Rosalie Schreiber for trying to provide answers to questions asked. I’d also like to remind our veterans that Hafermann, his clerk Stacy Horner, and Schreiber are working with us, not against us, so please don’t get on them. They are trying to help you, me and all veterans on the island.

On our lawsuit Maui County, it seems everyone has a different version on what’s going on. So Commander Larry Helm has told me he is setting up a meeting with our attorneys for all the veterans, and they will explain to everyone what’s really going on, when the meeting is set, I will get the word out as to when, where and time. If anyone has any news or stories, call old Jesse at 553-3323. A big mahalo to all our veterans and the people of Molokai, I love you all.


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