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Verizon Tablet Project Successful

Verizon Wireless News Release

An educational test pilot program at Kualapu`u Public Conversion Charter School through Verizon Wireless just concluded, and showed great success. During the program, Verizon equipped 50 students and teachers with electronic tablets and data plans to use on a daily basis. On May 5, representatives from Verizon Wireless met with the students and staff of Kualapu`u School for a mahalo ceremony on campus.

“When we began this pilot program with Verizon, we didn’t realize how big of an impact it would have on our staff, students, and their families,” said Lydia Trinidad, principal of Kualapu`u School. “The difference we’ve seen in our community has been monumental, thanks to the tools and resources that Verizon Wireless has provided us to help our students grow and learn.”

Kualapu`u School had limited access to tools and resources to help their students advance their education at their own pace. With the implementing of the tablets during the education pilot, the results showed how much of a dramatic impact the tablets had on the participants.

Teachers, by implementing the use of the tablets as part of their lesson planning, were able to provide additional learning tools for their students. A surprising number of students did not have convenient or reliable Internet access in their households prior to receiving the data plan with the tablet. Since the incorporation of the tablets into the students’ learning, there has been an exciting improvement in their classroom performance.

“Here at Verizon, we are passionate about ensuring that the next generation has the tools and resources to get the best education possible,” said Bill Hozey, an executive at Verizon. “It’s such a privilege to be here on Molokai and talk with the students and staff to hear how much this pilot has changed their lives. We look forward to building a long term relationship with this extraordinary school.”

The mahalo ceremony that took place Tuesday, May 5, on Molokai included testimony from students and staff of Kualapu`u School, a meet and greet with local Verizon representatives, and a return of the tablets as the conclusion of the pilot.


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