To Valued Customers and Community

The Store House greatly appreciated your business and regrets our sudden closure. Numerous inquiries as to, “Why?” business closed prompted a need for an informational letter.

Unfortunately due to a lease dispute, the Store House was asked to relocate operation. Since a suitable unit to continue could not be found, a business decision to liquidate was made.  To clear assumptions and misinformation the facts are: Store House did not close because of financial hardship, or a raise in rent, neither from a business interest sale. Members faced a mistrust issue that led to the discovery of misused funds. Litigation is forthcoming against occupying lease holder, along with previous Board officers for breach of their fiduciary duties. This action entails the vindication for truth and the recovery of a substantial amount of misused funds.

For clarity, the Store House is not affiliated with the new Hometown Store, Fast Stop and Aunty Ruby’s Café. Any comments to this letter may be sent to: The Store House LLC, PO BOX 870, Kaunakakai, HI, 96748.

Nora Espaniola
Store House LLC Member


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