A Vacation of Service

Visiting church group comes ready to work.

Members of the First Baptist Church of Lincoln Park took a break from their cleaning duties to pose for a picture with Ho`olehua Homestead Association President Ochie Bush.

By Jennifer Smith

While most people visit Molokai to relax and take in some sun, members of the First Baptist Church of Lincoln Park came to the Friendly Isle ready to work. Reverend Daniel Russell traveled with 15 other dedicated Baptists for a little over a week preaching, teaching, and doing community service.

“We think it’s great,” Russell said. “We see not only the natural beauty, but also the beauty of the people.”

The church group spent the majority of their time helping to run Vacation Bible School (VBS) with Kaunakakai and Molokai Baptist churches. Teens and adults enjoyed a Christian Life Conference, while the keiki participated in the Olympic themed VBS. Activities included games, sports, and fencing and drama demonstrations from some of the visiting hosts.

The well-mannered visitors also split up in two groups last week Tuesday to help provide services to the community. Half of the group spent the day doing yard work for a Kaunakakai resident, while the other half helped clean up the Ahupua`a building in Ho`olehua.

The aged building served as the original Head Start school, according to Ochie Bush, President of the Ho`olehua Homestead Association. Since then, the site has hosted several other educational groups, Homesteader meetings, and Saturday swap meets. 

The Ahupua`a building could potentially help a group of hard working parents bring to life their shared vision of having all of Molokai’s Hawaiian Language Immersion programs on the island on one campus. Russell said his group was happy to help the parents who refer to themselves as KukulunuiaHina.

With sermons, service, and some cultural experiences in the sun behind him, Russell said the group truly enjoyed their Molokai experience. “We appreciate the diversity of the people,” he said, explaining that everyone was hospitable and friendly.

For more information on efforts to unify Molokai’s Hawaiian Immersion schools visit kukulunuiahina.com.



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