US Coast Guard Support to Ka Molokai Makahiki

Coast Guard News Release
The crews of the US Coast Guard cutters Kiska, a 110-foot island class patrol
cutter stationed in Hilo, and the Ahi, an 87-foot patrol cutter stationed in Honolulu are  scheduled to participate in Ka Molokai Makahiki games this weekend .  The cutters will be open for tours to Molokai residents on Saturday morning and afternoon starting at 10 a.m. until 3 p.m.

Please meet at the ferry enclosure for each escorted tour and learn more
about the Coast Guard Ohana in Hawaii.   Additionally, the 45-foot Response
Boat Medium and its crew from US Coast Guard Station Maui in Maalea also
expect to be here and  participate in the games.  

The USCG participants in Ka Molokai Makahiki are supported in part by your local Molokai US Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla.  The flotilla is active in promoting recreational boating safety in Molokai through public education and vessel safety checks, projects in support of the Coast Guard, State of Hawaii Harbors Department and other state and federal agencies. 


10 Responses to “US Coast Guard Support to Ka Molokai Makahiki”

  1. pahula68 says:

    Looks like I keep pressing the wrong button and keep losing my comment somewhere in cyber space. Believe if it happens often, maybe it shouldn’t have been said in the first place. I just wanted to say something about the Coast Guard. Amid all this negativity, it is nice to say welcome. I greet you, cheer you on and thank you for being a part of this celebration of peace and harvest…the Makahiki. You’re very good at what you do, even though the last occasion at the wharf was not about peace and harvest.

  2. Ka Lani Ali'i says:

    After years of comming and recognizing our cultural protocol…The Coast Gaurd has Invaded Molokai with force during our Cultural Protocol of Makahiki a time of peace…An ACT OF WAR!!…they should be band from the Makahiki…Me and my Ohana will boycott any visits to the ships…Its funny they protected the passengers of the ship but did they check there I.D. and screen all passengers at the port they could be smuggling drugs for all we know…If they were nuetural at the protest they would have also have screened the people comming off the Safari ship too…They could be wanted fugitives for all we know or drug lords…who checks these passengers and at what port. Where is the procedures??.

  3. kalaniua ritte says:

    cant wait!!!pay back time

  4. Molokaiwahine says:

    May God show you the way…….

  5. flowers says:

    Auwe Kalaniua! I hope you’re not on the Makahiki committee if you feel that way. Shame on you! I hope they whoop ur butt tomorrow!

  6. kd808 says:

    you reap what u sow…in time..

  7. pahula68 says:

    Protocol is practiced first by you. The Makahiki is not about settling the score. If you cannot practice your cultural values as taught to you by your kupuna, then tell it like it is…you are practicing western values. Please, do not let the two be confused.

  8. kalaniua ritte says:

    sorry to disapoint you flowers but we did the butt whooping…geuss hopeing isnt enough.GOOOO PROTESTERS!!!!!!

  9. kalaniua ritte says:

    hmmmm…i wonder what u will sow…in time.

  10. kd808 says:

    only many blessings..

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