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Two Tips for Healthy Plants

Community Contributed

By Joe Kennedy

Aloha everyone, especially to all you folks who are planting things to eat. I would like to point out a few basic things that might help save work and make your plants grow even better.  The first thing is to leave the fertilizers such as manure, urine, compost on top of the ground next to your plants. There’s no need to work it in, which could backfire because too much could feed the microbes too fast resulting in using up the nitrogen and starving the plant. When you leave it on top, the nutrients are slowly released.  This is nature’s way.  It’s done in the fields and forests and builds the earth.

The second thing is about mulching.  Obviously this also happens naturally in a forest.  Leaves, twigs, bark, seeds, pods, and insect droppings are all on top of the soil.  When you mulch, you’re doing something that nature has been doing for millions of years. Be sure to water the mulch thoroughly.

God be with you. Please pick up the tiny bits of plastic.  They gets into the ocean and kills the birds and fish.


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