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Temper Tantrums

It is not uncommon for toddlers and young preschoolers to throw temper tantrums – crying, screaming and thrashing about.

Tantrums can be caused by frustration: your keiki wants something he can’t have, or his language ability is not developed enough to express his needs. Your child may be more vulnerable to tantrums when he is tired, hungry, bored or transitioning from one activity to another.

Try this to prevent temper tantrums:
•    Always bring a snack and a toy or book with you when you go out.
•    Give your child reasonable and appropriate choices, so that he has some control over his environment.
•    If you sense a tantrum coming on, redirect your keiki to another activity.

Try this during a tantrum:
•    Stay calm. Getting angry and yelling will only make the situation worse. It’s important that you set an example for your child as someone who can control his or her emotions.
•    If he is not a danger to himself or others, ignore the behavior and go about your usual activities, but keep the child in your sight.
•    Hold your keiki. If he is out of control, holding may help him calm down.
•    Don’t give in to unreasonable demands. Giving in will teach your keiki that having a tantrum will get the results he wants.

Remember:  Stay calm, and when the tantrum is over reassure your keiki that you love him or her.


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