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Tutu’s Corner: Ho`omaika`i (Gratitude)

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The Hawaiian value ho`omaika`i, is to have a spirit of gratitude and thankfulness. Gratitude is a learned behavior, and we can teach keiki about ho`omaika`i by our good examples and the examples of others around them. Developing an attitude of gratitude can take patience and practice. Help keiki to notice the many things around us that we can be thankful for: family and friends, a healthy body, a place to live, food for our table, the beautiful sky and ocean, and so much more. Talk about thankfulness and why it’s important. Children who learn gratitude become more sensitive to the feelings of others and develop empathy and other life skills as they grow. Children who learn to be appreciative will grow up to be adults who enjoy the fruits of gratitude…bountiful blessings.

He `opu halau.

A heart as big as a house.

Said of a person who is kind, gracious, and hospitable.

`Olelo No`eau 869

Try This:

Teach keiki how to show their appreciation when someone does something special for them or gives them something. Encourage them to say mahalo or thank you. Gratitude and good manners will help them throughout their lives.

Have fun creating Mahalo Cards together. Use them when someone gives keiki a gift or has done something thoughtful.

Acknowledge your daily blessings together. Choose a special time to do this as a regular part of the day, and encourage keiki to talk about the special things and encounters with people that they had that day that they are thankful for. For example: “I had such a great time with you at the beach today! Having fun with you and our family is something I love and feel so thankful for.”

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