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Teaching Young Children:  Kuleana-responsibility; ownership or authority for

It is important for our children to understand their role in the success of each of our families.  Giving children kuleana over tasks that serve to benefit themselves or those around them helps to build their self esteem.  Kuleana also serves to encourage positive self worth and empathy for others.  Explain to your child how important their contribution is to the overall happiness and success of your family.


Try this at home:

            Set good examples

            Give your child chores to do at home like setting the table, folding clothes, or putting away toys

            Do simple activities with your child such as baking cookies, mixing poi, or stringing a lei.  Praise him/her for             his/her efforts and contributions everyday.

Remember:  Understanding the kuleana within our own families helps us to further understand how important we are to our community and the world around us.


“Nathan & Kamakana are learning kuleana through play.  Play is work and work is play.”



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