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True Conservative Values

To me, voting only because stimulus, stimulus checks, unemployment, etc. are the wrong reasons to vote. $1200 checks and unemployments helps a lot but it can never make us happy. It’s just like giving candy to a bunch of kids, only temporary. Money is not everything. The things we value the most are our families, our neighbors, our communities especially in small islands like Molokai and Lanai.

One little disruption to our essential services like the suspension of ‘Ohana flights affects our residents. People will soon be without work and people especially our kupuna or those are wheel chair bound will have difficulty getting to their medical appointments. Doing our best to keep one another safe from COVID-19 and as a small island community helping one each other is our kuleana. These are true conservative values and we will survive. I encourage you to vote and regardless who wins, we are still Molokai mo bettah.

Marc Aquino


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