Tree Perspectives

We look at a tree and it looks differently as we walk around it.  If we look at the tree from only one perspective, we only have this perspective.  It’s not that our perspective is wrong, it’s just limited.  

Too often we get stuck trying to figure out who’s perspective is right or who’s is wrong.  But this is not the right question we should be asking ourselves.  Why are we viewing the tree from only one perspective?  This is not only boring but we miss so much beauty hidden in the branches.

My son and I climbed the big monkey pod tree at the Kilohana Rec Center the other day.  We noticed how people walked past and never noticed us resting in the branches above.  We gazed into the crown of the tree and watched the butterflies dance.  Birds hopped from branch to branch with a tweet while peering at their new visitors.  We listened to the leaves rustle in the wind.  We both found a deep peace and beauty in those branches.  

My son and I have played in and around this tree countless times but this was the first time we looked at the tree from this perspective.  Our relationship with the tree changed.  I’ve noticed that it has become a growing relationship that changes over time.  I’ve also noticed that it has been far more beautiful than I ever imagined.  

Get out and walk around your tree.  See your problem from the infinite possible perspectives.  Get up and climb this tree.  Get to know its beauty.  There is always beauty on the other side of a problem, we just have to have the courage to see it from different perspectives. 

Aaron Mitchell, MS, MHC


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