Trashing the Aina

This is in regards to the picture in the Dispatch of the cars etc. being dumped on private property. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I am angry and disgusted that you would do this to the aina let alone on private property.
Did you get permission to do this? Bet not. Did you get rid of oil etc. in the car? Bet not.
Why didn’t you dump it on your own property? Too ugly? Bet so. Are you going to call the county and get help removing all that trash? Bet not.
I have had property on island for 12 years, through good times and bad times. This is definitely one of the bad times. So many people are against any development and for saving the aina. Is this how you save it? Bet not. So now we get to look at this trash every time we go to town to spend our dollars to support the local business people.
To the authorities: can you go look at licenses or vin numbers to see to whom these automobiles belong? I would like to see these nasties to be prosecuted to the highest degree that law allows.
Do I think this will happen? Bet not.

Bev Williams


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