Transparency for Molokai Veteran Leadership

Molokai Veterans Caring for Veterans has been a nonprofit 501 (c) 19 veterans organization since 2002. 

For seven years, we have been led by a discreditable tribal group with no transparency and no accountability. 

For example, the unauthorized participation of certain veterans spouses and family members who have long participated in our affairs. 

“Done deal” meetings with agents of our longtime corrupted state agency, DHHL, claiming that “they do not need membership approval.” 

Confusion over the difference between a nonprofit 501 (c) 9 and a nonprofit 501 (c) 19 resulted in our missing $400,000 never being there. 

Today, we are facing serious financial shortfalls, memberships concerns ignored that we have not been complying on either the federal or state level as a veterans nonprofit organization. 

Our latest appointee commander number four has held two meetings, on Sept. 15 and Oct. 4, for the purpose of legitimizing our Lanikeha Homestead scam. 

An independent audit should be mandatory before any more phony elections or bogus appointees are done on our behalf. 

“Misappropriation” is the unauthorized use of another’s name, likeness or identity without that person’s permission or the intentional and illegal use of property or funds it can particularly refer to when done by a public official, a trustee of a trust, an executor, or administrator with a responsibility to care for and protect another’s assets.  

“Embezzlement” is when a property is entrusted to the embezzler.  

Samuel L. Kealoha, Jr.  

MVCV lifetime member 


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