Tragedy on the Island

As a first time visitor to the island of Molokai I was impressed with the beauty of land and of the people.  My brother Rupert visited the island in the winter of 2009 then returned to the island in September 2009 because he was drawn to the spirit of aloha and the scenic landscape on the island.   It was unfortunate however that I was on Molokai because my brother mysteriously died on Dec. 29, 2009. The people my brother befriended were wonderful in giving me support and love that I needed to address my brother’s affairs. 

The police in providing assistance and investigating his death seemed to help, but always seemed they were a little indifferent in their attempts.  They believe no foul play was involved, but in looking at the facts and possible reasons as to how Rupert died, there are still questions that seem to be leading to a conclusion other than an accidental death.  The most obvious being that he was found in the water at Papohaku beach with no clothes, his jeep in the parking lot with keys, his wallet, shoes and his clothes all in his apartment at Hotel Molokai, and no water in his lungs or stomach.  The police are apparently still investigating the case and other medical reports are pending so we will see. 

Molokai is a beautiful island but for the Manalili family, Molokai is a sad place for us until Rupert’s death is somehow reconciled.  If anyone has any information about how Rupert may have died please contact us through the Molokai Dispatch or contact the Molokai police.

Irene Manalili


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