Trade In Your Ice Box

Hawaii Energy News Release

Hawaii Energy, the state’s energy conservation and efficiency program, is joining forces with community partners to bring 100 new Energy Star® refrigerators to Molokai residents.

The Hui Up program is supported by the following federal stimulus funds as well as community and business partnerships:
•    America Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)
•    Blue Planet Foundation
•    Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism (DBEDT), State Energy Office
•    Hawaii Energy, Conservation and Efficiency Program
•    Maui Economic Opportunity, Inc.
•    Refrigerant Recycling Inc.
•    Servco Home and Appliance Distribution
•    SustAINAble Molokai

“We’re very grateful to have outstanding community partners supporting our efforts to help the people of Molokai reduce their electric energy usage” said Ray Starling, Hawaii Energy program manager. “We have a huge challenge ahead of us to promote conservation and energy efficiency in every corner of our state. This is key to our economic future.”

Hui Up is a community-based program where qualified applicants can trade-in their old, inefficient refrigerators for new Energy Star® models that use 20 percent less energy. Old refrigerators will be properly recycled upon trade-in.

Hawaii Energy will further support residents by providing them with additional advanced power strips (APS), a popular item that was previously available at the Molokai Agricultural Country Fair in April. An APS helps to eliminate phantom loads by switching off the power for consumers. For example, when a computer or TV is turned off, all the attached electrical equipment, such as VCRs, DVD players, and printers, are automatically turned off.

The Molokai community has demonstrated interest in energy conservation and efficiency with several students reaching out to residents with home energy use monitoring and energy-saving tips.

For more information regarding the Hui Up program, contact Emillia Noordhoek of SustAINAble Molokai at 808-216-3663 or email emillia@sustainablemolokai.org.


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