Too Many Blank Votes

My opponent and I were concerned about the large number of blank votes for the Board of Education (BOE) election.  It is understandable for people to leave votes blank, if they do not have information about the candidates. For the general election it should be easy and less blank votes.

There are two candidates running for the Maui County seat on the BOE.  One is a successful business person.  The other is a successful Hawaii public school teacher.  Do you want a business person on the BOE or a public school teacher on the board?

Please pass this on to your friends. We need less blank votes.

Remember, all five neighbor islands vote for this seat which represents Maui County. Please tell friends and relatives on other neighbor islands.

I chose to run for the BOE because I think the board should have a Hawaii public school teacher on the school board.  Please vote.

R. Ray Hart
Maui candidate, Board of Education


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