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To the Class of 2020

Molokai High School, and all graduations of 2020, congratulations to all of you with love, support, respect for your wonderful achievements. Congratulations on how all of you handled and dealt with your situation regarding what is happening with all of our lives at this moment. It’s not the end of the world of life for most of us, it’s the beginning of adventure and challenges for a new change of habits, lifestyle and vision. Be prepared for it. Also, always remember to make your life happy first. If you are happy with your life, what more could you want? Happiness includes parents, families, friends, community needs and wants as well.

I told my daughters the same thing. They are happy and have fun with their own lives. That’s what I did with my own life from a very young age, on to teenager, young adult, and younger adult now. Class of ’66 Waipahu High School.

Class of 2020, if your families have land, look deeper. See it, survive in it. Land is very important for food and survival of life. Someday you will look back into your life and say, “I’m so happy I did what I did.” Whatever it is that makes you smile with happiness, that is helping you and your families, generations, community. I did that with my own life and want to share that part of my life with all of you. Something to think about. Don’t say “I wish I did this or that.” Wishes died a long time ago.

Be a good citizen of life. Be a good leader of your own life. Life is not perfect or fair for anybody. We human race never give up hope and faith. We keep moving forward and make it better, fair for all life from God, Earth, our ‘ohana.

Yes, we all can do it together, Class of 2020. Have fun with life. I have fun with my life every day. We all have only one life in this beautiful, wonderful world that we all call home. Earth, life is unpredictable. Mother Nature doesn’t care who we are, cultures, color of our skin, money, power. We all are rich, happy with our own life. That is the true meaning of the word “rich” to Saunoa. Not money.

Have fun with life. Amene.

Saunoa Liva


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