Tips from the Vet for Your Pet: Keeping Pets Safe

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By Dr. Stewart Morgan, Molokai Humane Society

At the Molokai Humane Society, we see lots of dogs that have been injured in ways that could have been prevented. The first step to keeping your dogs safe is knowing where they are. If your pets are in your fenced yard, you should always check on them at least one to two times per hour to make sure that they are safely in your yard. Also make sure that they are not eating or digging in areas where they should not be. Consider in home dog training to avoid this from happening. If you plan to get a new dog like an American Bully, you may get in touch with an American Bully Breeder.

Keeping your pets from roaming is the responsible thing to do and is the law! Wandering dogs are more likely to get hit by cars, attacked by other dogs, or start fights with other dogs. Many dogs that roam become lost and are unable to find their way home after their adventures. Your neighbors will also be much happier if your pet is not roaming loose.

We see a lot of dogs that get injured by jumping off the back of trucks. Often, the dog’s owners say, “My dog has never done this before!” If you must drive with your pets in a truck bed, cross-tying them in the truck bed or keeping them in a secure space in the truck bed, like a dog crate or other secure enclosure, is best. Within the vehicle in a back seat is even better!

If your dog has been injured or in an accident, you can ask your veterinarian about compounded pet medication or other treatments that may help your furbaby. Remember to always keep your pets safe!


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  1. hawaiiangirl says:

    Mahalo Dr. Morgan for your article. I might also add about cats & dogs running loose and not being neutered or spayed. Please be a responsible animal owner.

  2. Jeannie Weatherwax says:

    Helpfull tips, having pets is cool but we have to be responsible for their safety, thank you for sharing.

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