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Time to Live Again

If life in this society is so frightening and so threatening that masses of teenagers worldwide are killing themselves, then it’s time to correct the social structure.

Teen suicides have occurred here also even though we here on Molokai have been minimally affected by the mask and isolation edicts. Lock-downs, social distancing, masking, paranoia, travel restrictions and all this government-mandated suppressive behavior is killing people and making folks unhealthy at a far greater rate than Sars Cov-2 ever could.

Look at the figures. According to CDC published figures the total death-rate is 1.7 percent. That means that, of those with recorded infections by COVID, 98.3 percent survive. In the 0 to 64 age group, recovery is seen to be 99.6 percent. These numbers do not conform to any definition of “pandemic.”

The statistics show that death by COVID occurs in some people due to age and due to other medical complications — the rest are protected by their innate immune systems, as nature provides.

The public narrative is inaccurate and seriously distorted. It paints a false picture that has collateral consequences far more damaging than any disease that’s ever occurred in humans.

It is time to open up the world and release people from the restrictions on behavior and attitude that make millions of teens look at their prospects and conclude that suicide is the best option.

Kevin Brown


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