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Time Management Workshop

KBC News Release

“I don’t have enough time!”  How often have we said this?  What tasks need to be done?  How am I ever going to wade through all this “stuff?”  The Kuha`o Business Center (KBC) is presenting a workshop on Time Management on Thursday, Feb. 19 at 10 a.m. as a way to answer these questions.

Each of us has tasks we need to accomplish for self, work, and family.  Some of the subjects to be discussed are: How to organize your day, how to set priorities, and the importance of information storage and its retrieval.  The workshop will be based on the work of David Allen, who has written three books on the subject.  Additional techniques will be presented from other authors as well.  This can be described as a sophisticated system for processing numerous mundane tasks.

John Wordin, SCORE volunteer at KBC, will be your presenter.  John will offer his experience on the ways to getting things done and reducing chronic stress.  Please plan to attend by calling KBC at 808-553-8100 to register for the workshop.


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