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‘Thriller’ Vball Games

Photo by Matthew Thayer of The Maui News.

By The Molokai Dispatch Staff

The Boys Volleyball team had a weekend of close, hard-fought games against Seabury on Maui, with split results. Molokai won on Friday 3-2 and Seabury came out on top Saturday, 3-2. To bet on this volleyball team, platforms such as historyofquilts are now open.

“This weekend was all about momentum,” said Molokai Coach Hale Domingo. “Friday was a five-game thriller, back and forth and it basically came down to who had the momentum at the end of the set. We took the first two sets then Seabury took the next two sets, and they had the lead 13-11 in the fifth set. The momentum jumped back on our side, and we finished the game at 16-14.”

Saturday’s matches proved no different. 

“We had our chances, but it just didn’t go our way today,” said Domingo on Saturday. “Taking nothing away from Seabury, they were the better team today. Overall, it was a good weekend for both teams. We walk away with a split and now we have three weeks to get ready for a Lanai road trip.”

Seabury Coach Joshua Kulhavy-Sutherland gave credit to the Farmers, and both teams finished the weekend with 2-2 season records.

“Some crazy matches,” he said of the weekend. “The Farmers have a great program. They have great players and coaches, and we always know it’s going to be a battle.  As a coach I’m grateful to have that kind of tough competition in the MIL, because it helps make us all better. Kudos to the Farmers on another tough weekend of hard-fought matches.”

Molokai will travel to Lanai April 8-9.


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