Thoughts of Molokai

As the cold rain falls from the sky, our thoughts wander to Molokai. The cold, gray clouds cover the sun, thousands of miles from the endless fun; walking on the beach and swimming in the surf, so fast the time goes by, while on the island of Molokai.  Only a few short months now before we go, where the pace of life is easy and slow.  Once again we will see the people with aloha love, surpassed only by heaven above.

The most Hawaiian island in the rest of the chain, Molokai alone can only claim – Kalaupapa, the sea cliffs and all the rest, make Molokai the worlds best.  But alas as we sit in the frozen northern U.S. in the rain, snow and cold we know where it’s best. Just a few weeks and how time does fly, we’ll return to beautiful Molokai.  

Jerry and Carol Finn
Northern Wisconsin


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