Third Grade Blessings

My name is Wailana Dudoit and I am in third grade in Mrs. Kalilikane’s classroom at Kilohana School. I am writing this letter to talk about a topic that I believe is a blessing in our lives here on Molokai. This pomaika`i or blessing is Hawaiian culture and I want to share why it is a blessing that we should all malama.
I believe this is a blessing because it teaches me who I am. This is a blessing because it helps me remember my kupuna. Hawaiian culture makes Hawaii special. These are some ways that we should malama Hawaiian culture. We should hold onto Hawaiian language. We also need to show aloha every day. The Hawaiian hula represents our Hawaiian culture.
If you are Hawaiian you are special. We need to know how to speak Hawaiian to malama this culture. What would it be like if we never knew Hawaiian culture?

Nau No,


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