There’s Mahi in his Madness

Captain Clay stars in fishing DVD.

By Albert Lanier

Amateur and professional fisherman who love catching Mahi-Mahi will certainly love a new DVD entitled Hawaii Fishing Action Blue Water Season #1 subtitled “Mahimahi Madness.”

The 68 minute DVD is a co-production of Molokai based production company Quazifilms Media and local fishing charter boat company Hallelujah Hou Fishing.
In fact, the host of “Mahimahi Madness” is the owner of Hallelujah Hou, Clayton Ching known as Captain Clay.

The Captain takes viewers on a deep sea fishing trek that involves largely catching greenish-yellow MahiMahi, also known as Dorado and Dolphinfish, as well as a few Ahi.

The DVD is divided into a main presentation lasting about 38 minutes with 30 minutes of Bonus features consisting of how to clean and fillet Mahi Mahi, setting your reel’s drag and dressing and rigging lures.

Shot and edited by Quazifilm’s owner Matt Yamashita, the majority of the DVD is lensed on the back of Captain Clay’s fishing boat as he sets up lines and lures, reels in fish, and shares knowledge and advice via voice-over narration.

Clay offers some pearls of wisdom gleaned over 30 years of fishing such as “Fish don’t care what you pay” when it come to lures or “you got to be where the fish are” in order to catch as many as possible.

Although the footage shown on “Mahimahi madness” was shot off the coast of the Friendly isle, Molokai is intentionally neither cited nor stated by Clay during the course of the DVD in order to protect the island’s natural resources.

Highlights capture Clay having to sit on a couple of Mahi after reeling them in and holding one up with a hole in its head like a warrior lofting a sword in victory.
The Captain has a relaxed, conversational tone that is as pleasant to listen to as the ukulele-heavy Hawaiian music composed by musician Lono helps layer the soundtrack.

The weekend fisherman and overall fishing enthusiast should enjoy this DVD as it provides not only engaging fishing scenes but also helpful tips in the bonus section.
To find out more information or to order, go to or ask Captain Clay next time you see him.


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