The Power of Kindness

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Opinion by Rick Baptiste


Mahi English and son. Photo courtesy Rick Baptiste.

Being “kind” benefits everyone especially those that practice the aloha spirit.  There is a multiplication factor in kindness that is powerful.  Whether you are the giver, the receiver, or the observer of kindness there are health benefits for all concerned.  Scientific studies (Uncle Google) says that “kindness” has a positive effect on your immune system with increased production of serotonin in the brain.  Serotonin is the natural calming, mood regulating, anti-anxiety, good vibes neurochemical.  Google also said that in a study of those that volunteered tended to experience fewer aches and pains.

Another study found that acts of kindness cause a domino effect causing each person’s generosity to spread to three to nine people, and then to others.  Another study reported, acts of Kindness increase happiness and self-esteem and created an emotional warmth that released a hormone called “oxytocin” and a release of nitric oxide that protects the heart by lowering blood pressure.

Acts of kindness can be our pathway to a blessed Molokai.  Recently, Mahi English and his son pulled up in their truck with a trailer carrying a lawn mower and weed trimmer.  He asked me if it was okay to bless me by cleaning my yard with no charge.  He said he was driving around and felt Akua say inside of him to bless me by cleaning my yard.    I said, “I receive the blessing and how blessed I was.”   Immediately, I wanted to share this in this article to encourage all of you to bless Molokai.

Remember that when you bless Molokai with acts of kindness, it encourages multiplication and all in our community will benefit.  Mahi’s eldest son, Ano`i, came up with the name “Blessed the Yard Service” so you know who to call if you want yard work done from the heart.

Molokai, you are too blessed to be stressed.  If you desire to see the multiplication of blessings, send more stories of acts of kindness to my email, holyhuaeagle@yahoo.com, so we can all get the health benefits.  First by reading, then by thinking on how you can be a blessing today, a smile or some act of kindness. Remember to bless Molokai in some way today and if you da guy getting blessed, I encourage you to pay it forward to another in our community and let’s get healthy together.


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