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The Food and Wine Festival

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By Dillon DeCoite

Editor’s note: The second annual Hawaii Food and Wine Festival took place Sept. 6 to 9, with Molokai’s L&R Farms’ Lynn and Russell DeCoite participated. The DeCoite’s son, Dillon, a middle school student at Aka`ula School, wrote a story about his parents’ success in the Aka`ula monthly newsletter, reprinted here.

The Food and Wine Festival, in Kaanapali, Maui is located on the golf course. Twelve farmers and 12 chefs partner up to cook produce raised by island farmers. My mom and dad partnered with two chefs from the Westin Kaanapali Hotel. The dish they made was wild boar bacon with Molokai sweet potato gnocchi. Out of 12 groups, my mom and dad placed first. I was so proud my mom and dad won.


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