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What do you share with residents from more than 90 countries around the globe? You read The Molokai Dispatch! While many residents are used to picking up a copy of The Molokai Dispatch every week, there are thousands of fellow readers around the world who find other ways to connect with Molokai’s only newspaper. In the past month, has received over 14,000 visits from nearly 100 countries representing every continent. Those include Japan, China, India, Singapore, Mexico, Italy, Israel, Russia Pakistan, Poland, South Africa, Czech Republic, Nigeria, Romania, Oman, and many others.

Graphic by Laura Pilz

On our Facebook page,, we also have worldwide fans from over 20 countries. Facebook allows us to share quick updates, island photos, and links to our website, all with interactive features so we can more easily connect with you, our readers. Facebook has also increasing become a tool for us to gather tips and information from you on a moment to moment basis.

So join the global community of those who love Molokai and its newspaper by visiting and “liking” the Dispatch Facebook page. We appreciate your continued support as we evolve with the latest technology and social media to bring you the best quality news Molokai can offer.


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