Thanksgiving Reflections

By Aka’ula Students

Aka’ula School students reflected on Thanksgiving in the school’s newsletter, reprinted with permission.

The Time of Year

By ‘Ohi’aku Ritte Camara Tangonan, Junior

Thanksgiving, the time of year where the house becomes a five-star restaurant and the most ‘onoest aroma stains the air with only the image of the finished product. Beautiful and scrumdiddlyumptious desserts are baked with aloha over small conversations while keiki are running around having fun. New recipes and new dishes are brought to thought every year and tried by family members and ones that have been least touched, well, you could say, we ain’t seeing that dish next year. What can I say, I love seeing my family together, the smile on my mom’s face while cooking in the kitchen with her sisters is always a memorable scene to me EVERY YEAR.

Grateful Every Day

By Kule’a Ignacio, Grade 7

Thanksgiving is a holiday once a year, but I have learned it should be every day. I’m grateful for all of the clothes that I wear, because they keep me warm on the cold days. I’m grateful for my family because they teach me all the things I know. I’m grateful for my home because it keeps me warm every night and I know that some people have no houses to go home to. I’m grateful for the food that I eat because without it, I would not live. Something else I’m happy for, is hobbies like hunting and fishing. If I could hunt every day and sleep in the bushes I would. I love hunting for wild pigs with dogs and shooting axis deer. I also love fishing for papio, ono, ahi and mahimahi and diving for kole, kala and uhu. I’m grateful for water because it keeps me hydrated and I use it to shower and to water my plants. I’m grateful for my life because before I was born the doctor said that my mom and dad couldn’t have any kids. Then when I was born, I had a hole in my heart and it’s just now starting to close. I am grateful every day for all the things I have in my life.

I’m Grateful for My Life

Ryelle-Lynn Habon, Grade 7

My life is filled with joy and happiness. My mom is always jovial. My dad takes us hunting, fishing, roping and diving. I enjoy fishing and spending time with my family. My aunties and uncles are filled with kindness and generosity. I care for my dogs and hunting. Roping is fun and horses smell good. My life is fun and filled with adventure. The love my family shares is true.

Times to Remember

By Kaʻehuiki Linker Meyers-Moss, Freshman

Every Thanksgiving, we usually go to my grandma’s house. Because of that, I’ve learned how to cook most of the things she makes. It took a while, but I learned how to make/prepare a turkey, stuffing, gravy, and my favorite garlic butter mashed potatoes. I remember when I would sneak extra mashed potatoes in a small bowl, even after I ate dinner. My grandma always caught me eating more mashed potatoes. She would always tell me to make another plate of food if I wanted more, but I never did. After everybody ate dinner, we would usually cycle in and out of the kitchen, grabbing a piece of pie as we went. It was so funny because my brother and I would keep getting up in the middle of a conversation just to get another piece of pie. We ate as if we weren’t gonna take more pie home. I love Thanksgiving and all the food and family time that comes with it.


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